Website Design and Development FAQs

Is eBridge a full service web design and development company?

Yes. eBridge can design, develop and promote any type of internet project. We can also maintain or service any existing website design or functionality.

What does website usability mean?

Website usability refers to the user’s experience when coming to your website and using its functions. If the visitor can quickly and easily find what they are looking for this would be considered good website usability. Our site review, addresses weaknesses in this area.

What is the difference between static and dynamic design?

Static versus dynamic design refers to how the user interacts with your website. If the interaction is one way only and the content stays the same during the visit, the site is considered a static site. Conversely, if there is interaction between the user and the website or if the content changes during the visit, the site is considered dynamic.

How long will it take my website to be designed?

This depends upon the complexity of the design and the nature of the website functionality. On the other hand, we understand that you want to roll out products and services in a timely manner and often a website can be a big part of this. Therefore, we always do our best to help meet your timeline goals and will advise as to whether the expected deadline is feasible.

What will delay the delivery of the my website?

The biggest obstacle to the timely delivery of any project lies with challenges in communication, missing content and changes to the project scope along the way, such as add-ons. We recommend communication on a regular basis including responses to any important emails within 24 hours. We are willing to start a web design project without the final content; however, delays along the way in the submission of the final content will delay the delivery of your creative. Also, changing your content after submission or adding to the scope of the project will alter the timeline.

Does eBridge offer a less expensive, template alternative to custom web design?

Yes. We have an array of templates we can modify to suit your design needs and more importantly your budget.

Can I upgrade my website instead of a complete re-design?

Yes. We offer upgrade services to existing design and functionality. Often, your website looks good but is still falling short in some way such as not reaching conversion goals. After we complete a website audit, sometimes the recommended upgrade can be as simple as adding a more effective calls to action, for example.

Does eBridge offer services to promote my website?

Although not specifically a design and development question, eBridge does offer a full suite of internet marketing services for website promotion including SEO, paid search management, social media and targeted email, display and lead generation campaigns, to name just a few.