Partner Program FAQs

How does your partner program work?

We offer two options. You can either refer clients directly to us or you can private label our internet marketing services.  If you refer clients to us, we pay a referral fee to you and we deal with and invoice the clients directly. If you opt for the private label option, we would invoice you and you can then invoice your clients the amount you like. One important note with the private label option is that you must have someone on your team to manage the relationship and act as the point person for us and the client. It is important that this person has a good understanding of online marketing and website design since they will be relaying feedback on both sides.

How does the referral process work in more detail?

Assuming that you are interested in the white label option, the visitor completes a form on your site, which is then sent to us.  We respond to you with the quote and necessary details.  If the client moves forward with the proposal, we invoice you and you invoice the client.  We require payment in advance before we can begin the project. If you are interested in the simpler referral program, the visitor completes a similar form (ideally still on your site) and we would follow up with the person directly.  If the visitor becomes a customer, we pay you a referral fee for the first 6 months of engagement with that customer from the point that we begin the project.

What internet marketing services are included?

All of our services are part of our partner program. From online advertising to Google Adwords management, search marketing to social media marketing services. View our full list of services here.

Do I have to offer all your services or can I select specific ones?

It’s up to you. Select one of our online marketing offerings or choose them all.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with us to get the ball rolling. We will then discuss the type of program you would like to set up and which services you would like to offer.