MSP Lead Generation ROI Calculator

How much is a lead worth to a Managed Service Provider? Well jeez, there’s so much that goes into answering that question:

  • How large is the target organization?
  • What services do they need and what’s the MRR likely to be?
  • How efficient are your MSPs operations?
  • How likely is a new customer to stick around?
  • How quickly do you want to make your money back?
  • Are the leads needing nurturing, or are they ready to speak with your sales team now?
  • How effective is your sales team?

These many factors are all essential when determining the value of leads for your Managed Service Provider. We created our MSP Lead Generation ROI Calculator to make it easier to consider all the factors at once.

Try it out! Just enter in the variables requested below based on your MSP’s particulars and click the ‘Calculate ROI’ button.

The fields have been prepopulated based on some assumptions. 25 end users and $150 monthly revenue per end user (or device) are mostly arbitrary figures; use your best guesses based on the nature of your market and the leads being sought. 7.3% profit margin is the industry average according to Channel E2E. 0.6% churn rate is based on an annual churn rate of about 7%, which was the consensus for the industry average according to several industry professionals we spoke to. A cost per lead of $1,000 is arbitrary too, although it’s in the right range. A close rate of 25% is the lower end of the typical closing rate range that’s cited by industry experts (25%-33%). For best results, replace the prepopulated fields with your actual figures or best guesses.


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