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As one of our chief goals is to make your IT services organization more successful, it isn’t surprising that we’ve collected quite a few white papers, case studies, checklists, presentation decks, podcasts and other resources over the years.

MSP Business School – MSP M&A Strategies for the Masses

Are you an MSP thinking about doing your first acquisition? Are you privately funding the transaction? Are you a seller wondering where to start in getting ready for acquisition? If you answered yes to any of the questions listed above then you have to catch this week’s episode of MSP Business School where Hartland Ross talks about the world of M&A and what to do if you are a growing MSP looking to make moves without private equity.


The Company I Work For Has Been Acquired – What Now?

While a successful acquisition can be a major achievement for both buyer and seller, for employees the acquisition process is seen much differently. It is abrupt and the source of concern. Join us for an expert panel about the perspectives of employees going through an acquisition, and learn how you can address their concerns to ensure a smooth transition for all parties.


Marketing Tactics for MSPs

The most common MSP marketing question we are asked is: “Which marketing tactics are working for MSPs?” There are a lot of factors that go into answering: budget, geography, service catalogue, internal strengths, size of your existing database, etc. This webinar will contrast these factors in relation to an MSP’s stage of growth, and recommend marketing tactics to be prioritized.


How to Choose a Marketing Agency for IT Service Providers

Marketing for IT service providers is a different game than any other industry, and choosing the right marketing agency for IT services comes with a unique set of considerations. Watch and learn tips about finding the right marketing agency for your business.


What Should Vendors Know About Marketing to MSPs?

Vendors wishing to utilize MSPs to market their products or services at scale need to understand the distinct set of challenges they’ll be facing. Join Devin for 5 practical tips you can apply to your channel marketing programs.


Top 10 most common challenges buyers of IT firms experience and how to avoid them

Hartland Ross leads a discussion about the Top 10 most common challenges buyers experience during the acquisition of IT services firms. 15 years of transactions has identified common themes as the basis for deals not getting done and buyers losing interest. Whether you are a buyer or seller, you’ll want to be sure to tune in.


The Role of Social Media for IT Service Providers

We are often asked about social media and its applications for IT service providers. While social media is undoubtedly more important for consumer brands, it still plays a valuable albeit limited role for those trying to sell to businesses as well. Join eBridge’s Devin Rose and Jason Park for a discussion about how you can best utilize social media in your marketing mix.


Pocket MBA for MSPs

Special guest Harry Brelsford from SMB Nation joins Devin to discuss his book ‘The Pocket MBA’. Learn practical business lessons from one of the best-known names in managed services.


What is with the crazy secondary IP market?

Watch an in-depth discussion on the process of buying and selling IPs on the secondary market. We’ll discuss what is the secondary market, why does it exist, why are prices going sky high and what are your options?


A CEO’s Journey: From Inception to Exit

The journey of a CEO with special guest Dennis O’Connell. We’ll take you through the various stages of building and exiting a business. Learn how to navigate owner changes, personnel changes, sales strategy migration, financial evolution, the process of maturity, and how clients are viewed throughout the process.


Lead Generation Part 3: Landing Pages

In the third part of our series on lead generation, Devin Rose will be joined by our web designer Jason Park to discuss the role of landing pages in lead generation, including best practices for IT Service Providers using landing pages in their lead generation campaigns.


Lead Generation Part 2: ROI For MSPs

What’s the ROI going to be? Every marketer struggles giving a good answer to this question, eBridge included. So we decided to build an ROI calculator to help answer for IT service providers doing lead generation. We will go over various lead generation scenarios using the calculator to estimate an expected ROI. You’ll learn about how your company should be generating leads.


Lead Generation Part 1: Outbound

Every IT service provider recognizes the importance of effective lead generation, but few actually achieve a well-oiled outbound lead generation process. Join Devin Rose and Colin Dowling for a 30-minute discussion of outbound lead generation best practices, common pitfalls, and more.


Outsourcing Marketing Effectively

eBridge’s Devin Rose gave a lunch and learn presentation in regards to how startups may most effectively outsource their marketing efforts. You’ll learn about which marketing services you can potentially achieve cost saving, which you’ll want to pay a premium for, as well as some general tips about working with outside marketers.


To Build or Buy? Growth Strategies For Small to Mid-Sized Hosts

Hartland and Devin lead a discussion of best practices for growing your web hosting firm. In this session we will discuss considerations for organic growth as well as growth through acquisition.


An Interview with Phil Shih

Our own Hartland Ross is joined by Phil Shih from Structure Research for expert insights into the latest industry trends for IT Service Providers. We’ll discuss topics like:

  1.  How has the infrastructure space changed due to COVID-19?
  2. Is there an appetite for a North American equivalent of GDPR?
  3. With the new Biden administration, do you anticipate changes to the landscape for IT Service Providers?
  4. What is happening with respect to the ISVs serving the industry? Will there be consolidation?
  5. Is web hosting dead?
  6. Where is shared and VPS hosting going over the years to come?
  7. In which parts of the world is hosting still growing?
  8. How will cPanel’s recent price increases impact the market?
  9. What should MSPs look for in an infrastructure provider?
  10. From an MSP’s perspective, how would you describe the infrastructure landscape?
  11. Where are the opportunities with edge computing for MSPs and other channel partners?

Due to a technical issue, only the audio of this webinar is available. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Building to Scale, Acquire or Sell

Whether your business strategy is to grow through acquisition or sell at the highest valuation, what key performance indicators should you be measuring and improving for success? Meant for MSPs and other IT Service Providers, this valuable webinar is led by technology business growth expert Erick Simpson. We discuss the drivers that influence business valuation, the 11 metrics every company should care about, and reasons to buy or sell a business.


How to Win New Accounts

MSP and VAR coach James Kernan joins Devin for a discussion about winning new accounts. Winning new accounts is very difficult in today’s competitive landscape. Have you ever wondered where do new accounts come from? Why do customers change vendors in the first place? We will discuss how to be perfectly positioned to win big deals. We will also go into detail about real world multi-million dollar deals and how we closed them!


Measuring Marketing for MSPs

Join Devin for a discussion of the merits and challenges regarding measuring marketing results for Managed Service Providers. Find out what you can and should be tracking.


The Humanization of Marketing and Sales at Scale

You’re involved in a very competitive field. And to stay ahead of the pack, you need both the reach that digital marketing provides, and the “human touch” that closes sales. Otherwise, conversions from prospect, to qualified lead, to paying customer will be bottlenecked somewhere along the line, and your leads will become your competitors’ MRR. Join us for a webinar meant for leaders of IT service providers to understand the trade-offs between humanization and scale, and to help bridge this gap between your marketing and sales teams.


MSP Acquisition Roadmap: From Due Diligence To A Successful Close

The acquisition frenzy in the MSP marketplace shows no sign of letting up. In fact, it’s getting more competitive than ever. As a buyer, you need to move quickly to secure the best deal, but a financially successful outcome requires a methodical and deliberate approach. In this webinar, we’ll walk you through some of the key components and considerations required to complete a successful Managed Service Provider purchase that is a win-win for both parties.


M&A for MSPs as an Option for Growth

Join Hartland Ross for a discussion of what you should be considering before endeavoring to grow your managed service provider through an acquisition.

Social Media Marketing Demystified – Hartland Ross – Show Me Your Back End Episode 16

A few of the points Hartland covers which will help you understand more about this phenomenal growth area online:

  • Why put time towards social media? The implications for search and beyond.
  • How has search changed?
  • Advertising on social networks vs Posting on social networks
  • Is there an ROI on social, and how do you measure it?
  • What are the best practices for social media?

Each week join Steve Rosenbaum, Jamie Houston and other local marketing experts as they share their favorite methods for helping businesses find new sales and increase their profit on the Show Me Your Back End Show from Build Big Biz and sponsored by ZapPowee.com


#6 – Selling an MSP – Hartland Ross (The MSP Broker) – MSP Mountain Podcast

Hartland Ross explores all the details about selling an MSP. Eric and Hartland dive deep into all you need to know at every step of the way!


#7 – Market your MSP – Devin Rose (eBridge Marketing Solutions) – MSP Mountain Podcast

Devin Rose shares his insights and advice on how an MSP can best market themselves with a mix of specific marketing strategies. This hour-long podcast covers all you need to know, diving deep into video marketing, SEO, Reddit marketing, online communities, online branding, and differentiation strategies.


MSP INITIATIVE LIVE with Devin Rose from eBridge Marketing Solutions

eBridge’s Devin Rose recently joined George Bardissi from MSP Initiative Live as a podcast guest. George and Devin discussed trends and best practives in MSP marketing. Watch it here.

Build or Buy? How to Grow Your Small to Mid-sized Hosting Business

This session took place at HostingCon Global 2014. For more information about HostngCon, go to www.hostingcon.com.
This session will focus solely on the implications for a small to mid-sized host trying to decide between an organic growth strategy versus growth through mergers and acquisitions. We’ll explore the perspective of the business owner or manager trying to come to terms with these two approaches and the associated costs and risks with each. The session will not address the more commonly discussed topic of selling to a larger host but rather be focused on the decision maker wearing the two hats, marketer and/or buyer. We’ll focus on the implications of a mergers and acquisitions strategy rather than a deep dive into specific marketing tactics.

How to Evaluate Lead Generation Opportunities

This webinar covers the 3 main options available to the B2B online marketer and discuss the critical considerations you need to be aware of before engaging in one of these programs.

Best Practices for Successful Partnerships

It’s not easy to get noticed in crowded industries, build up a customer base and keep them coming back for more. This is why many technology companies don’t go the route of doing it all alone. They look for reseller partners.

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To Build or Buy

Should you grow your web hosting business by building through marketing or acquiring another customer base? Learn more.

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Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2019

Marketing Automation – Delivering your message on your client’s terms

Download pdf


Channel Partners 2019

Reaching the Hidden IT Buyer – Optimizing the sales and marketing process for MSP’s and IT Service Providers

Download pdf


Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2018

Marketing Makeover – Strategies that Make You Look Good in a Crowded Cloud Marketplace.

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HostingCon Presentation 2016

Which marketing tactics work for web hosting companies and under what circumstances?

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HostingCon Presentation 2015

Build or Buy? Case study on growth strategies for small to mid sized hosts

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Transformyx Case Study

“After extensive site analysis, eBridge developed and executed a new Transformyx website architecture, modified messaging to emphasize client/end user benefits, established focus on industry verticals, and integrated SEO best practices to maintain site credibility and increase competitive position.”

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Zero Latency Case Study


eBridge Marketing Solutions was engaged by Zero Latency Vancouver for digital advertising services, with a two-headed mandate of gaining brand awareness at the top-of-the-funnel and generating bookings at the bottom.

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Liquid Web Case Study

eBridge has talented writers on staff that are technically savvy and able to field topics around keywords crucial to our Enterprise product’s success.

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