Digital Marketing Services

eBridge Marketing Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency. We specialize in the needs of clients in web hosting, infrastructure, and managed service provision. What sets us apart is how we engage with your target audiences and markets, how we generate hot leads, and how we can help you convert leads into sales. We use an integrated, holistic, and multi-channel approach combining lead generation, advertising, SEO, website design/development, and content creation to get real, meaningful results for you.

Our Core Marketing Services

Content Creation

Content Designed To Attract Technical, Professional B2B Clients

Many IT Service Providers are looking for immediate results, so tactical marketing activities are usually top of mind. But sometimes, whether you are the CMO of a large enterprise, or the founder of a smaller IT services firm, it pays to take a step back and look at the big picture for your brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Web Design and Development

The Engagement Your Customers Demand, Delivered Seamlessly

Your website is the foundation of your digital presence, and it needs to support all of your marketing efforts. You need a client-focused and customer-centric website solution that comes through with results in an ever-changing digital environment. We have the expertise, time, and resources we need to deliver a high-performance, feature-heavy, and digitally transformative website that remains user-friendly, secure, and scalable to your dynamic situation.

Search Engine Optimization

On- and Off-Screen SEO That Brings In Steady Traffic And Eager Buyers

To get the computer and mobile traffic you need to thrive, you need to appear in searches first, and appear before the people who want your goods or services the most. Google uses more than 200 factors to judge who makes the coveted first page. We know just how to craft your page and its content to match exactly what ‘the algorithm’ is looking for while still appealing to your customers. Leverage our expertise and perspective to take your website to the next level.

PPC & Digital Advertising

Let eBridge Craft And Manage A Digital Advertising Strategy Just For You

It is challenging to know which digital advertising opportunities are worthwhile without experience. eBridge has that experience and can make sure you don’t have to learn the hard way. We can craft, launch, and manage an advertising strategy designed specifically for your company, your customers, and your plans for the future. We can handle all the details of PPC and digital advertising including bidding, keyword selection, ad copy, landing pages, and response to competitor activity. We’ll discover which channels will be most effective, learn how to handle your online competition, and then help you plan a realistic budget. Better still, we keep an eye on the entire process, making sure your resources are spent wisely and effectively.

Lead Generation

Build Up The Leads Your Marketing Team Needs To Close Deals And Drive Prosperity

Maybe your sales team is operating under capacity. Maybe you’re struggling to hit revenue goals, or you have excess production capacity gathering dust. Whatever the reason you need leads, eBridge can help. Most companies like yours want not just more leads, but better leads. To deliver them, we start at the beginning. We build consumer interest in your brand and what you sell. We then implement a lead generation system optimized for your business alone.

Other Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Strategy

A Marketing Strategy Crafted Just For You

You might be thinking chiefly of tactical marketing activities, but it is time for a systematic review of your marketing situation. Digital technology is transforming industries all over Canada. It is too late to be an ‘early adopter,’ but you can still avoid being left behind. Your clients demand new ways to learn about and get your services. If you don’t provide those channels, the business will go elsewhere. You need a modern marketing strategy crafted just for your organization to remain competitive. We can provide it.

Social Media Management

Turn Your Social Media Into A Powerful Tool

More people than ever make purchase decisions while on social media – even in a professional context. Your social media presence should be one of the workhorses of your multi-channel media approach. We know how to turn a stale, barren social media presence into the engine of engagement and lead generation you need to thrive. Whether you’re struggling to be heard on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or any other social media network, eBridge can help.

Marketing Analytics

Turn Your Data Into Real, Meaningful Business Advantages

Data doesn’t magically turn into insight. Even the fanciest analytics dashboard won’t give you actionable advice – without skilled interpretation. eBridge offers everything you’ll need to develop those skills, as well as the analytics solutions to practice them. We can even help you develop the experience you’ll need to optimize your market performance based on your analytics results. Whether you’ve never even set up website analytics before, or you’re an old hand who needs specialist assistance, eBridge can help.