IT Service Providers

Most of the clients that eBridge Marketing Solutions serves are in the business of providing IT services. These will often fall into one of the below groups:

Managed Service Providers

Most MSPs approach marketing with a healthy dose of skepticism. We hear from MSPs all the time who have worked with other agencies that just didn’t understand the unique challenges in this space. So several months later, you’ve spun a bunch of wheels, but you’re no further ahead. We get it. Read more about eBridge’s approach to providing marketing services for MSPs.

Value Added Resellers

Keeping up with rapid changes in IT means your messaging needs to evolve commensurately. And with VARs, it’s challenging to have messaging that evolves while staying true to what makes your brand stand out. Many VARs do not have the internal resources to navigate these challenges effectively. Find out about how eBridge works with VARs.

Software as a Service & Independent Software Vendors

SaaS providers and ISVs who are looking to market their wares either directly or through the channel require assistance from experts who know the types of decision makers who make software purchases at businesses these days. It goes beyond the IT department. Learn more about how eBridge assists SaaS and ISVs.

Hosting, Infrastructure, and Data Center Providers

If you own or operate a web hosting company, IaaS provider, or data center services provider, your unique marketing challenge is finding a way to differentiate from competitors who are offering similar services. Let us worry about that while you focus on running your business. Read more about how eBridge helps web hosts, IaaS, and data centers.

Get In Touch

We really understand B2B marketing especially as it applies to IT service providers. If you’re an MSP, a VAR, SaaS provider, ISV, web hosting company, IaaS provider, or a data center and you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level, we’d love to hear from you.

“Professional and Conscientious”

“eBridge Marketing Solutions has been one of the brokerage firms I’ve been working with for the last nine months. I have found them to be professional and conscientious in their approach. I would recommend them as an online ad broker for both publishers and clients alike.”

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