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Your website is the foundation of your business. It’s where the magic happens. It’s where you support your brand and your message at every click, every word. It’s where you take a visitor and convert them into a loyal customer. It’s where you convince Google that you are an authority in your industry. It’s very often the first impression for a potential client.

A website is the lifeblood of any business but creating and managing one is no easy feat. Perhaps you can relate with…

  • High customer expectations: Buyers are increasingly sophisticated when it comes to web technologies and they can sniff out a tired site rife with usability issues from a mile off. Having an outdated website, especially as a technology company, can literally spell the difference between making, or losing out on the sale.
  • Perpetual innovation: With web design, things are always changing and it’s challenging to keep up with the shifts that impact your presence such as the importance of responsive design for example. However, it’s essential that you stay on top of the latest technologies and techniques to keep your site and your online presence current.
  • Constant upkeep: A website is no “set it and forget it” thing. It needs continual TLC, whether you’re updating header graphics, creating new pages for a service launch, or just keeping it humming along with the latest security patches and plugin updates.

In short, a winning web presence doesn’t just materialize out of thin air and requires plenty of expertise, time and resources. Not anyone can create one and you may not have the skills in-house to get it done right. Even then, not every designer you meet will know what they are doing or be on top of the most recent developments in web design.

Creating a website that marries visual appeal, functionality, SEO friendly elements and usability, and then ties that all in with your business and marketing goals, is an art really. Whether we’re refreshing your existing site or developing it from scratch, our talented designers and usability experts will ensure that your website hits the mark.

Our Process

  1. Initial strategy meeting: First and foremost, we discuss what exactly you need from your website and where your current site falls short. We gather the details about how your site will be structured, what functionality requirements you have and how the user experience should flow. This knowledge and understanding will form the basis of your web design project.
  2. Creative brief delivery and discussion: This is where we button down the direction we are going to take. We’ll do our final planning and get the strategy confirmed so that we are ready to get the design process started.
  3. Delivery of creative mock up: This is where you get to feast your eyes on the design. We’ll then have a feedback discussion meeting. Want a few adjustments? Not a problem. We’ll get a second round of mockups over to you. Once everything is just as you envisioned, we sign off.
  4. Coding implementation: With the site design confirmed, it’s now time to get the coding and backend development done. Again, we’ll ask for your feedback and make any adjustments needed to get the engineering of your site just right. Another round of sign offs and we’re just about there.
  5. QA for final delivery: This final stage of the website project ensures that everything is working on your site as it should. We test every little bit of it and take responsibility for the site right up until the very end.

Know that your website needs help, but have a sinking feeling that the problems go deeper than just an outdated design or stale copy? Let our website audit services get to the bottom of your website woes, once and for all.

Or perhaps you need the full meal deal – design, content and SEO? At eBridge, we are a one-stop shop for internet marketing services and we can to step in and take on all aspects of your online requirements. Contact us today to find out more about getting your own team of experts working for you.

Other design and development services:

Our design services don’t just stop at web design. If it’s visual, if there are graphics involved, we can help, online or off. If it’s technical programming you’re after, we’ve got you covered there too.

Web Development

Don’t need a whole website, but just need help with part of it? Our experienced developers can help with programming, network security configuration, social media set up, and e-commerce development. Whatever your web development needs, we can make them happen.

Ongoing Site Maintenance

Getting a website designed and up and running isn’t the be-all end-all of an online presence. You need to keep your website updated and refreshed, both to keep Google happy and to keep your site visitors coming back for more. And you need to make sure that your website keeps up with your business.

Site maintenance is often overlooked when it shouldn’t be. Updates are mandatory to ensure that your website is always working at its full potential. From updating your database, to creating new linking forms, to tackling new design to development needs, we’ll help you make sure your online visitors have the best experience possible every time they visit your site.

Graphic Design

Are you looking to refresh your existing creative or develop a whole new image for your company? We can help. From logo design to brochures, banners to rich media emails, our design team will ensure your collateral stands out from the rest.

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