Lead Generation

Market Development and the Generation of the Leads Your Sales Team Needs to Thrive

Most of what we do is marketing – which can be seen as long-form lead generation. But we understand that some companies don’t need an outsourced marketing team, or even a set of consultants. Their in-house marketing apparatus is working just as intended. They just need more hot, qualified leads than they have right at the moment.

It doesn’t matter where that bottleneck came from, what you need is names and numbers. Well, eBridge can supply them. Here are your main options:

Outbound Lead Generation – We’ll conduct tele-prospecting and email outreach operations to provide you with contact information for the decision-makers of companies and other organizations in your market. We can even target a specific list of companies if you have one. This premium lead-gen service is perfect for both vendors and IT service providers.

Our lead generation team has years of experience in finding and qualifying lists of just the kind of people your sales team needs to talk to.  

Our Process

The first step is always an in-depth consultation with you about your organization, the kind of leads you need, and how you expect to use them. 

Next, we’ll conduct a survey of your main competitors and how they communicate, and craft a roadmap of our lead generation campaign strategy for you. 

Then, we begin datamining the region, industry an/or specific companies you ask us to target, using tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator. We reach out the qualified contacts we find with a sequence of emails culminating with a request to schedule a telephone conversation with your sales team.

Finally, we’ll set the appointments up in your team’s calendar.

This services includes weekly and monthly reporting, split testing and modifications based on your feedback, as well as our own highly successful anti-spam-filter approach.

Best of all, you only pay for the leads that actually match your targeting criteria.

Industries Served

eBridge generates leads for MSPs, web hosting companies, IaaS, data centers, ISVs, and VARs. Checkout our Work page to see some of the lead generation we’ve done.

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