Managed Service Providers

The MSP business faces unique challenges when it comes to online marketing. As a managed service provider, you probably face some (if not all) of the following…

  • Fierce competition. In today’s highly competitive market, there seems to be a provider of managed IT services on every corner. Customers have more choice than ever before when it comes to selecting someone they will trust with the round-the-clock monitoring and management of their IT systems and critical business assets.
  • Inability to stand out. You know that you must differentiate yourself from everyone else, but you’re focused on closing sales while at the same time struggling to make your portfolio and business distinctive.
  • Lack of in-house resources. Perhaps you do not have a large marketing department, or any marketing department at all. As a result, you might lack consistency in your promotion efforts or be operating without a clear plan or direction.

A partnership approach.

The managed services business is changing quickly, and you need a team that can pivot with you to drive continued growth.  Whether you are a small MSP firm with limited internal resources, a mid-size MSP looking to partner with a marketing team expert in IT services or a large provider that needs to outsource the tactical execution of your marketing strategy, so you can focus on achieving your goals, eBridge brings a partnership approach to client relationships.

Your Marketing Department

Our sole focus over almost two decades has been to deliver corporate marketing strategy and ROI-focused campaigns for MSPs and other technology service providers. You’re probably laser focused on closing sales and marketing is either an afterthought or you are uncertain as to where to begin. Our combination of marketing and technology expertise enables us to become the in-house marketing department for managed service providers who do not have a marketing team on staff. We’re here to help.

Your Trusted Confidant

We often speak with CMOs, VPs of Marketing or Marketing Directors who say they are doing fine, thank you very much, but wish they had an outside firm to act as a trusted confidant or advisor. Like the technology industry, modern B2B marketing best practices change almost overnight and a new go to market strategy must include the most current and successful marketing techniques to drive leads and sales. We often work with marketing executives to be their marketing partner, giving them the latest insights and advice to be successful.

Your Teammate Who Will Take the Ball and Run

Even if you have a marketing department with a full staff, sometimes having to focus on the daily tactical execution of marketing campaigns means that you take your eye off the big picture, your company goals, and spend too much time mired in day to day activities.

We can use our resources and expertise to help you accelerate the execution of a full suite of marketing initiatives including:

We know the managed IT services business

eBridge Marketing Solutions has chosen to only work with MSPs and other technology providers since 2001. We understand the market, your business, your competitors and your lingo. Let our team use our expertise to provide you with business growth, marketing strategy and industrygrounded advice to take your managed services business to the next level. Wouldn’t you like to work with someone that speaks your language?


“eBridge Marketing Solutions has maintained an excellent reputation in the hosting industry.”

eBridge Marketing Solutions has maintained an excellent reputation in the hosting industry. We have been utilizing their marketing services for years and are very pleased with the results. They have the right expertise in cloud hosting marketing and we thank them for their professional services.

Adnan Raja, VP Marketing
Atlantic.Net, Inc.