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If you’re involved in marketing a managed service provider, you’re probably already familiar with…

  • Fierce competition. Today’s managed services market is highly competitive and your customers have many choices in selecting an MSP.
  • It’s hard to stand out. Most MSPs offer similar services and make the same sort of claims, making it tricky to get across what you excel at.
  • Lack of marketing resources. Marketing MSPs is multi-faceted and most providers are lacking at least some of the needed skills in-house.
  • There’s no silver bullet. If you’re looking to grow beyond word-of-mouth and referrals, then it requires multiple tactics working together.

Why eBridge for MSP Marketing?

eBridge Marketing Solutions has worked with thousands of MSPs and other technology providers since we were founded in 2001. There’s a good chance we have overcome the types of challenges you’re facing. We offer a full range of marketing services, including making websites, creating content, and lead generation. However every MSP’s situation is unique, and the tactics that might be appropriate in the rural Midwest would not necessarily translate well to let’s say Southern California. So eBridge starts each new client engagement by taking stock of where you’re at and formulating a strategy tailored to your business’ strengths and weaknesses. Once we have made our strategic recommendations and reached a consensus with you, our expert team is ready to execute tactically.

Content Creation

If you’ve worked with a generalist marketing agency, you’ve likely seen too many revisions, leaving you wondering why you didn’t just write or design the piece yourself. Our creative team is made up of skilled wordsmiths and visual artists who are experienced in IT services, and understand the various IT decision makers whose perspectives need to be addressed.

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Website Design & Development

Many MSPs underestimate the role their website plays in generating leads. Even those leads who are referred to you are likely to pull up your website to vet your organization, review your services, review your team, and make sure it all looks credible. Your website is the most important digital asset your company owns, and it’s critical that it’s helping to generate leads.

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Search Engine Optimization

It’s not enough to just create content rich web pages and engaging blogs for your website, you need to ensure your site is communicating effectively to Google and other search engines too. Good SEO will result in your company showing up when local businesses are actively looking for IT services.

Learn more about our SEO services.

Lead Generation

eBridge offers a variety of lead generation options to keep your sales team on the phones. From account based marketing, to social media, to customized email campaigns; we’ll customize a lead gen program to suit your budget and needs.

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Other Marketing Services

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