About eBridge

For more than 20 years, the eBridge team has helped hundreds of infrastructure companies and managed service providers around the world develop and execute their marketing initiatives. This amount of experience informs our strategic recommendations, allowing us to avoid the trial-and-error process typically undertaken of most generalist agencies working with IT service providers. We work with you to understand the strengths and unique elements of your business in order to execute holistic marketing strategies that align with your goals.

Our work is predicated on integrity and a customer centric model. We take seriously our responsibility to deliver results through honest partnership and clear communication. Individually, each member of our team possesses years of experience helping infrastructure, hosting, and managed services organizations take their unique story to market as a way to grow their business.

Our aim is to support people and teams that dare to dream, that endeavor to build and improve the future, and believe their contribution matters and makes a difference. At eBridge, our clients trust us to mold their vision into a message worth sharing with the world!

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“As a busy marketing executive with limited staff resources, I find it difficult to successfully manage numerous advertising campaigns without sacrificing concurrent efforts in researching new opportunities. eBridge Marketing Solutions has consistently offered professional and timely communication of new options, then continued facilitating the process of contract negotiation and campaign implementation. It’s one thing to pay for this type of help. When it comes at no additional cost to us, it’s a no-brainer. Their services are not only welcome, they’re essential.”

Bevan Erickson
WestHost Inc. | www.westhost.com