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Many businesses make the mistake of cutting corners when it comes to copywriting, not giving it the priority it requires and trying to wing it on their own.

Are you struggling with content creation? Maybe you…

  • Know the ins and out of your technology and could talk specs until the cows come home, but you don’t know how to communicate your offering in a way that is interesting and informative without going over anyone’s head.
  • Don’t have anyone on your team with a finesse for words and a way with the English language. Writing is definitely not everyone’s forte and there’s no sense in wasting your time trying if it’s not one of yours. You really should be focusing on what you do best.
  • Simply don’t have the time. Your internal team has their plates full and your content just never seems to get done. Your blog is a ghost town, that idea for a whitepaper is gathering dust and it’s been years since anyone touched your web copy.

It takes time and skill to create content that’s engaging, communicates clearly and succinctly, speaks with a tone and personality that engages your target market and is search engine friendly. If your content is missing any of these elements, it’s not doing its job. With professional copywriting from eBridge, you’ll (finally!) get your content working for you and your goals.

Our copywriting services include:

Web Copy

You know that your website is the foundation of your internet marketing. But many businesses just focus on web design, graphics and functionality, forgetting an all too important piece of the puzzle – content. Your copy needs to be easy to scan, engaging and to the point. It also needs to be search friendly. Many falter when trying to accomplish both. It takes some writing savvy for content to be both SEO friendly and user friendly.

Don’t turn visitors off with awkward sentences, dry language and perhaps the worst thing of all, grammatical mistakes. Don’t turn search engines off with keyword stuffing and other search engine gaming techniques. Ensure that your web copy is both part of a positive user experience and part of your search marketing plan.

Press Releases

A well-crafted press release can be one of your most successful and powerful promotional tools. But it takes a little know-how to ensure it has the greatest impact. Press releases are often scanned in just seconds. Having all the right elements in play and content that flows seamlessly and communicates succinctly is part of the equation. Get an expert on your side to craft a press release that follows accepted formatting standards and shines the light of credibility on your organization. In addition to distribution via an online wire service, we also distribute releases to our database of industry contacts to ensure it reaches the most relevant audience possible.

Case Studies

When thinking about buying a product or service, getting a concrete understanding of how it can help plays an important part of the decision making process. Testimonials are great for this, but they are by nature rather brief. A case study gives you an opportunity to share a client success story in specific and concrete detail, allowing you to showcase your expertise. But it needs to be well-written and compelling to have the greatest impact. This is where we can step in to help. From doing the research to conducting the interviews and pulling it all together, let us create a noteworthy piece that makes your business shine.

White Papers

Attracting new clients or upselling existing customers is what your business revolves around. Sure, there’s always the hard sell. But many consumers are getting weary of being sold to constantly and are tuning out a lot of the sales messages they are exposed to. A white paper gives you a great alternative to the hard sell, allowing you to demonstrate your own expertise while also providing your target market information that is useful for them, putting your company in a positive light. From compiling research, to creating an outline to drafting compelling, easy to digest content, let eBridge cover all the elements you need for a successful whitepaper that sells, but in a subtle way.

The above are just some of the most common ways we help our clients with content creation. But really, if it involves copywriting, we can help with things like:

  • Blog posts and online articles
  • Email newsletters
  • Editing and polishing existing content
  • Brochure and other promotional material content
  • Interviews
  • Downloads and other digital materials
  • Content for directory listings and other online profiles
  • Content for social media profiles

Our Process

For effective content that speaks to your target audience in just the right way, there are some preliminary steps that need to be taken. Before starting any copywriting work, we will first consult with you on the important areas we need to understand to deliver, including:

  • Target audience so that we know who we are speaking to
  • Your main competitors so we can understand how they communicate
  • Marketing goals and goals for the content piece in particular
  • Tone or style of content you’re looking for; from casual and friendly to polished and professional
  • Keyword focus for the piece so that we can also craft content that supports your search marketing goals

Armed with this background information, it’s time to get writing. How many rounds of editing it will take all depends on the project. We often get it done in just one or two. But the important takeaway is that we will work with you until we get things just right. We can also coordinate with your own designers or other key internal team members to get the project done.

Industries Served

eBridge creates high quality content for MSPs, web hosting companies, IaaS, data centers, ISVs, and VARs. Checkout our Work page to see some of the content marketing we’ve done.

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