Lead Generation

You’re an IT service provider! You’re in the business of providing outcomes, not just processes. We get it. As a marketing agency, eBridge tends to view marketing as the process for which leads are the outcome. But we realize that setting up an effective marketing funnel that generates quality leads doesn’t happen overnight, and sometimes you may need outcomes faster than that. Perhaps you have a sales team that’s operating under capacity. Perhaps you have revenue goals that you need to hit. Perhaps you have expensive hardware collecting dust. Whatever the reason, if you have an immediate requirement for leads, then eBridge has a number of options available for you.

Outbound Lead Generation

eBridge’s outbound lead generation program is great choice for IT service providers and vendors alike. Our agents combine email outreach and tele-prospecting to reach the decision makers working for companies in your target market. If you have a list of companies you want to target, great, we can work with that. If not, we can help source a list based on the criteria you provide. This is our premium lead gen offering with the highest quality leads. It is for MSPs wanting to reach companies in a certain region with X devices or more. It’s for vendors wanting to reach MSPs or ISVs with at least X number of employees. It’s for data centers looking to fill their facilities with local colocation clients. We do all the outreach to the decision makers, qualify them based on your criteria to ensure there’s a real opportunity, set them up in your CRM system, and schedule them to speak with your inside sales team. You only pay for leads that match your criteria and may reject those that don’t. Our outbound lead gen program is only available in the US.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn’s feed isn’t all just inspirational memes and unsolicited job offers. Every once in a while, you’ll see something good on there. And your company’s lead gen assets could be that diamond in the rough! With eBridge’s LinkedIn lead gen program, we’ll take your case studies, white papers, infographics, eBooks, checklists, or webinar recordings and put them in front of your target market on LinkedIn. For those LinkedIn users who engage with the ad, their contact information will be pulled from their LinkedIn profile, so you don’t end up with any Mickey Mouses (Mice?) or 90210s. This program is perfect for an MSP trying to reach local SMBs. It’s also ideal for vendors looking to fuel their lead nurturing programs.

Don’t have any quality lead gen assets? No problem, eBridge has got you covered there too.

Content Syndication

eBridge can also get your lead gen assets working via content syndication campaigns. We’ll set-up campaigns to distribute your case studies, white papers, infographics, eBooks, checklists, or webinar recordings on networks of websites where your target market congregates. An abstract will be shown to users on these websites, and then to download the full version, the user provides their contact information. We’ll craft the campaigns to encourage higher quality leads by narrowing in on the geography, company sizes, industries, and job titles that you want to do business with. To discourage low quality leads and time wasters, we’ll write an abstract that’s appealing to your target market but isn’t too broadly appealing. Content syndication is a good choice for IT Service Providers that aren’t limited to a particular region, or for vendors looking to fuel their lead nurturing programs.

Inbound Marketing

If your timeline permits a longer-term perspective for generating leads, please checkout our page on Inbound Marketing to find out about its merits.

Not sure which lead gen program is right for you? Have questions about one of the options? Please contact us to discuss a program that would make sense for you!

Industries Served

eBridge generates leads for MSPs, web hosting companies, IaaS, data centers, ISVs, and VARs. Checkout our Work page to see some of the lead generation we’ve done.

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“Personal, one on one service”

“The eBridge team helps our in-house marketing department with researching potential sites to run advertising campaigns on while also helping maintain existing spends.  Over the last few years eBridge has helped us expand the reach of our brand and marketing efforts from higher funnel to lower funnel spends. Working with eBridge helps us to save time – we don’t have to manage the publishers directly. We are also impressed with the personal, one on one service we receive.”

Sean Foote