Channel Marketing Program FAQs

Are your packages cumulative? In other words, if I am interested in the Enhanced package, does that give me everything in the Comprehensive?

No, each of our packages stand on their own and can be delivered separately.

Would this program work for any B2B business?

Yes, this program is designed for any vendor using a channel (reseller) based strategy for sales and distribution.

Why don't I just do this work in house?

If you have the resources and the expertise in-house, you can certainly handle the development of a channel program on your own. If you would like our help, we bring over 12 years of experience in providing digital marketing services, focusing on the hosting industry and IT services providers in particular. Some of our team members have formerly been employed in senior marketing roles at various IT service providers and therefore know firsthand the direct challenges faced with deploying a channel program. Our team also provides services and possess skill sets that cross multiple disciplines from strategy to design to content to search and display as well as the social implications – finding this combination of expertise in one person is very difficult and frankly unlikely.