Inbound Marketing FAQs

What is inbound marketing?

To put it simply, inbound marketing refers to marketing tactics and strategies that are about drawing potential customers in with valuable information and content.

Do I really need inbound marketing?

Yes! Inbound marketing is an important part of any digital marketing plan for technology companies. It allows you to demonstrate thought leadership, act as a valuable resource to your target audience and boost your credibility, amongst other benefits. Inbound marketing is about employing tactics that deliver long-term value to your organization.

Where should I start?

Inbound marketing revolves around content, so content creation and working these assets and resources into your website is an important place to start. Linked to content are other inbound related activities such as SEO and social media

What are examples of inbound marketing activities?

• Blog posts, whitepapers and downloads – anything educational and informative in nature.
• Keyword research to gain an understanding of what information your prospects need.
• Social media activity to propagate your content.
• Web design to support the dissemination and discovery of information.