Site Audit FAQs

What type of Site Reviews do you offer?

We offer a few different types of site reviews that focus on different aspects of your website. A usability conversion site review will study areas of your website that directly relate to how a visitor is interacting with your site and will provide feedback on adjustments to improve the site further. An SEO site review will address your website to provide guidance on SEO elements with a view to improving the elements that affect the organic search rankings

How are your site reviews priced?

We base our site review pricing on the number of pages we are reviewing.

How long does a site review take to complete and deliver?

A site review takes on average 2-4 weeks depending on what site review you request, and how many pages we are reviewing.

Can I have more than one site review done at the same time?

Yes, depending on your needs, we can conduct different site reviews simultaneously, or deliver the first one, and complete others at later times. This might be helpful when implementing the changes in order to compartmentalize various reviews and websites.

Can you implement your recommended changes?

Yes, we have a design and development team that can make whatever changes we suggest. If it’s an SEO site review, our search marketing expert and our team (such as our copywriter for example) can help with executing the SEO elements you need improvement on.

Why do a site review?

Because the areas of improvement can help your website go from good to great, and can help convert more visitors into customers. We are a fresh set of experienced and knowledgeable eyes that can give you the feedback and changes your site needs to succeed.