Google Analytics FAQs

Is Google Analytics the best tool for me?

Google Analytics is robust and gets better and better as they continue to develop new tracking functionality. It gives insight that other tools do not share and is a great solution for most. With that said, there are other solutions that do certain things better and if your goal is to integrate with different 3rd party solutions, Google Analytics isn’t always the best fit. Since Google Analytics is free to use for most, we suggest implementing it to see if it meets your needs.

Isn’t Google Analytics free?

Yes! If you generate 10 million hits or less per month it is free to use.

Why would I want you to implement Google Analytics for me?

Anyone can implement the most basic functions of Google Analytics if they have the know-how. Where it gets more complex is when you want to start setting up more customized tracking, conversion tracking, rules, reporting and beyond. The more advanced tracking is where your analytics start going to work for you and begin telling you where your internet marketing efforts are successful and where they are falling short.

I want you to implement Google Analytics, how do I begin?

Get in touch with us and we can help determine how best to implement Google Analytics into your website.