Media Buying FAQs

What are the advantages of media buying through eBridge?

Because of our many years in the B2B technology industry and the relationships we’ve built with publishers, we are able to gain access to discounts and rates that aren’t normally available to in-house media buyers. In addition, we have contacts at hundreds of sites and streamlined processes for running campaigns. This means that working with eBridge can save you money, and perhaps more importantly, time – particularly that which is associated with the research aspect of managing media campaigns.

Is it more cost-effective for me to work with eBridge than managing my advertising campaigns in-house?

Quite simply, yes. In most cases we are compensated by the publishers we work with on your behalf so there is no need to worry about pricey agency fees. Also it is quite likely we have experience running campaigns that reach your target audience meaning that we know what works and what doesn’t. This alone could save you thousands of dollars or more.

What other benefits does eBridge offer that I won’t gain by managing my advertising campaigns in-house?

Working with us will help you achieve your goals more quickly and ultimately more cost-effectively than doing it yourself – we do all the legwork for you and provide you with one efficient and knowledgeable point of contact on all your campaigns. The world of B2B internet marketing services is complex and constantly changing. With us acting as your agent, you’ll benefit from our proven marketing strategies, valuable campaign resources and years of expertise, without taking on the difficult challenges and risks involved in going it alone. For more reasons why you should work with us, click here.

Do you have a minimum spend requirement for internet advertising campaigns?

Our minimum spend requirement is $1,000.00/campaign. The duration of a typical campaign is one month.

How are you paid for media buying?

As an internet marketing services agency, we’re generally compensated in the form of commission from publishers.

What's included with Full Campaign Management?

This package includes detailed monthly reporting, proactive campaign monitoring and suggestions, banner creation, tracking link creation and management and in-depth analytics monitoring. Contact us for more details.