Social Media Management FAQs

Can you help me determine whether a social media marketing campaign will help me reach my online marketing goals?

Absolutely. Our team will be happy to consult with you to determine which social media strategies and platforms will best achieve results for your company. To learn more about our social media services, click here.

Do I really need to hire an expert for social media? We already post our blog posts and latest news. Isn’t that enough?

Many make the mistake of thinking that social media is an easy as posting a few updates. It goes well beyond that and involves elements such as getting the right ratio of self-promotional content, including search friendly elements, leveraging different content types for maximum engagement, and being present and responding to customers and clients. Effective social media management involves a carefully crafted and well thought out plan of attack.

What if I haven’t done anything on social media and don’t even have any profiles set up?

No problem, we can offer set-up assistance including content creation and getting the design elements you need.

What if I have started social accounts, but am not really confident that I have set things up properly?

We can also step in here, to ensure you have well-optimized content and a fully fleshed out profile that leverages all options available. This will lay the foundation of your social efforts. And if you’re also looking for a refresher on your designs, we can step in here too.

I want more likes and followers. How can you help?

This is a very common request, to which we answer, these aren’t the only numbers that matter. At eBridge, we are about genuine, steady growth. We will never suggest you buy followers or likes or engage in other questionable tactics just to pump up numbers. Those numbers mean nothing if people aren’t actually interested in or engaged with your business. We focus on making connections and providing value; not boosting the number of likes and followers at any cost.

Do you do any tracking?

With our social media management services, you will get a monthly report that gives detailed information about your social media activity. Careful tracking and monitoring of social media is an important part of the equation. It helps us understand what’s working and when we need to make some tweaks. Social media is constantly changing. What worked last month or last year might not work now.

We have someone in-house that does some social media activity, but they lack expertise and/or just don’t have the time to fully manage accounts properly. How can we make this work?

Our social media expert can definitely work with an internal team member to coordinate social media efforts. We can step in and take on aspects they don’t have time for, direct strategy and set up a framework that makes collaboration easy and effective. We can customize our services to fit with your needs. We also offer social media strategy creation services and training.