Lead Generation FAQs

What should I be doing to get leads?

There’re no magic bullets. You need to do the basics, do them well, and do them consistently.

How much do leads cost?

That depends on the industry and how well-qualified the leads are. As a general rule of thumb, less-qualified MQLs start at about $50 per lead. Whereas better-qualified SQLs are several hundred dollars per lead or more.

What will my ROI be?

It’s going to vary a lot based on numerous factors: cost per lead, customer lifetime value, close rate, customer churn, and more. If you’re an MSP, we created an ROI calculator specifically to help answer this question. If you’re another type of IT service provider, contact us and we’ll see if we can help you estimate what a reasonably expected ROI would be for lead generation.

How do you generate leads?

We have a variety of tactics at our fingertips: outbound lead gen, inbound marketing, content syndication, paid social media, and more.

Can you help me nurture leads too?

Yes, please see our Inbound Marketing service page for more info.

Can you help me close leads too?

Yes, contact us for more info.