Social Media Management

Social media plays a part in most digital marketing plans. However, having a basic social media presence is one thing — benefitting from it and leveraging its full potential is quite another.

Perhaps these challenges resonate with you…

Increased Competition

When social media burst onto the marketing scene, it made a big splash and early adopters enjoyed plenty of gains. Now, with everyone jumping on the social bandwagon, it feels nearly impossible to get any attention amidst the clutter.

So Much Choice

First off, you have the usual suspects of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And then you have new comers or niche platforms like TikTok, Twitch, and Reddit. You know you can’t be everywhere, especially when resources are tight. On top of that, it seems like there is an infinite number of different applications and services for management, automation and measurement. You feel lost trying to decide exactly where you should be and which tools you should use to maximize your efforts.

The Strategy Conundrum

Executing on social media can be a confusing process. Best practices change. Advice you read online can differ widely and is never tailored to your specific situation or industry. You may miss an important update that could offer your business some great new opportunities. Social media requires dedicated expertise and you just don’t have the resources or time to keep on top of the ever-changing social landscape.

You know that you need to be social, but if your organization lacks the resources to give it the priority and the commitment it requires, it can seem like you are going nowhere fast. Our array of flexible services can help you address the social media challenges your organization is up against.

eBridge Social Media Services

  • Launching social media accounts: set-up, messaging, design, and profile optimization for search engines
  • Social media management and maintenance
  • Social media strategy plans and competitive research
  • Copywriting services to create the content required for social media success
  • Training on various social media platforms
  • Paid social media advertising for brand awareness
  • Paid social media for lead generation

Our Process

Before starting any social media project, we will first consult with you on the important areas we need to understand your business and deliver tailored social media services, including:

  • Details about your target audience
  • Your main competitors
  • Marketing goals and business goals in general
  • Tone, style or personality (persona) of your business’ brand
  • Your positioning strategy
  • Keyword focuses
  • Access to analytics programs (such as Google Analytics)

As we manage your accounts, we collaborate closely with you to make the most of your social presence. We keep on top of the latest at your business (promotions, blog posts, press releases, special events etc.), ensuring that we get your message across on all relevant profiles specific to the community we’re reaching. We also keep our ears to the ground for important developments and trends that we can leverage for content and activity. Algorithm updates? New profile designs? We’ll keep you posted.


Included with engagement programs and monthly maintenance packages is a regular report that keeps tabs on important metrics and keeps you updated on what’s working, what’s not and what’s new that could affect your business. We are constantly looking for ways we can tweak strategy to improve results. Detailed reporting allows us to make informed decisions to do just that.

Case Study

Want to learn a little more about how we tackle social media at eBridge? Click here to download our social media case study.

Industries Served

eBridge offers social media management to MSPs, web hosting companies, IaaS, data centers, ISVs, and VARs. Checkout our Work page to see some of the social media management we’ve done.

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Social media has so much to offer. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your message through to engaged fans, boost your website traffic and support your search marketing efforts. And don’t let a lack of internal resources or in-house expertise stand in the way of your social success.

“One of the most experienced marketing companies out there”

“eBridge is an industry leader among marketing companies. They are thorough, precise and take a personal interest in each and every customer they work with. I would say eBridge is one of the most experienced marketing companies out there, offering a depth of expertise that comes from being deeply embedded in the industry.”

Keith Duncan, Publisher
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