Marketing Analytics

What is Marketing Analytics?

Marketing analytics encompasses the technologies and processes that help marketers and business owners gauge the success or failure of their marketing initiatives. This is obtained by measuring the performance of various marketing metrics. In simpler terms, marketing analytics is a small piece of code on your website that anonymously tracks the demographics of site visitors and the actions they perform on your site.

You can view the reports on the data captured through a portal available on your website. Google Analytics is one of the most popular marketing analytics tools in the market today. It comes equipped with a default set-up that is powerful, and also is customizable for those organizations with specific KPIs to track.

How can eBridge help with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool that helps you analyze your online business data in one place and make smarter decisions.

How can we help you?

Google Analytics Set-up

Not sure how to set up Google Analytics? We can assist you with your account set-up along with Google Analytics implementation, where we implement the tracking code on your website. Our team also integrates your Google Analytics with Google Search Console and Google Ads.

Custom Google Analytics Implementation

We set-up custom conversion tracking, to help you keep a tab on the number of visitors who filled out your forms, completed purchases, or contacted your sales team. Additionally, we can assist your business with advanced implementation such as cross-domain and subdomain tracking.

Understanding Google Analytics Data

The vast swaths of data obtained can make your Google Analytics dashboard look overwhelming when you’re not familiar with it. We are here to help you make sense of this data by finding the golden nuggets from within the most important reports.

We also assist you in setting up Google Data Studio reports, to pull key data out of Google Analytics and other platforms, in a dynamic reporting environment with the key graphs, tables, and figures that you need to know.

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“We have increased our SEO through facebook and other social media avenues to generate more website impressions”

Thanks to the analysis by Ebridge of our online media presence, we were able to make several significant changes to our website to increase our search engine optimization.  We have increased our SEO through facebook and other social media avenues to generate more website impressions.  We have made a few suggested changes to our website to make it more user friendly and received some valuable input for our marketing team to utilize Adroll and Google Ads more effectively.

Sue Hayes
General Manager