eBridge Helps Web Hosting Clients Make Most of Their Search Spending Through Retargeting

eBridge serves technology companies that target the small-business market.

Participant: eBridge Marketing Solutions is a Vancouver-based online marketing agency that provides solutions for both advertisers and publishers. eBridge serves technology companies that target the small-business market.

Goal: eBridge was using content targeting, directory listings, and newsletter sponsorship for its Web hosting clients. The Web hosting industry, however, is growing very competitive. eBridge was looking to provide its clients with a competitive advantage.

Execution: eBridge used Revenue Science’s behavioral retargeting network to retarget users who visited the client’s sites but did not provide information about themselves. eBridge started using retargeting for a few clients and has used it for eight clients in the Web hosting industry over the last two years. eBridge runs multiple creative elements simultaneously and tests them on the segments within the retargeted audience. Visitors are shown different ads based on the products they viewed on the client’s site. eBridge also tests various ad formats and sizes. Due to its ability to test behavioral retargeting for multiple clients, it was able narrow the type of companies that the tactic works best for: those with significant site traffic and relatively short sales cycles (cycles that span minutes to hours or a few weeks rather than months).

Economics: Cost per acquisition via behavioral retargeting networks initially started low and began to creep up, but not before settling at a competitive rate. eBridge achieved this by adding additional targeting criteria, adding retargeting codes on more pages, and optimizing creative. As a result, the company’s current cost per acquisition with behavioral retargeting is lower than with other tactics.

Bottom Line: Success with retargeting has encouraged eBridge to use behavioral retargeting not just for direct response but also for branding. Retargeting has allowed eBridge’s clients to maximize conversion on their search and other advertising initiatives.

Posted April 23, 2008
Categories: Press

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