Web Hosting and Other Service Providers

The web hosting industry faces unique challenges when it comes to online marketing. As a web host, you are most likely familiar with some (if not all) of the below…

  • Fierce competition. Everywhere you turn, there is a competing web host. Customers have more choice than ever when it comes to where they will host their sites and set up their online business presence.
  • It’s hard to stand out. You know that you must differentiate yourself from everyone else, but you’re struggling to see how to make your offerings and your business distinctive.
  • In-house resources. Perhaps you do not have a large marketing department, or any marketing department at all. You might, as a result, lack consistency in your promotion efforts or be operating without a clear plan or direction.

Online marketing strategies for web hosting and other service providers

Internet marketing can help to support your efforts in creating and maintaining a loyal customer base.

Your home online

As a web host, customers look to you for their technology and online business needs. As such, they expect you to be experts in all things web. What do you think an outdated, poorly designed website tells them? Your website speaks volumes and ensuring a properly designed site with strong usability is one of the most important ways you can encourage and support online conversions. You might need a completely new website design or a website audit and review to bring your website up to speed. Either way, your site needs a little TLC.

Reporting and tracking

You need to learn from your website. Keeping careful track and gaining a deep understanding of what is happening is your best bet for making improvements online. Many businesses leverage Google Analytics to collect valuable data.

Visibility in search results

Search engine marketing can be a beast, especially in industries as competitive as hosting. But you know potential customers are searching online for their next web host. You must discover how you can best achieve search visibility and capitalize on any opportunities present.

Getting social

Your customers are on social media and they expect to find you there. Keeping active profiles and maintaining an engaging, interactive presence works to build your credibility in the eyes of your customer base. Web hosts too need to be conscious of customer service on social sites.

Online media buys and lead generation

Most web hosts are looking for sales and/or leads. Online media campaigns and demand generation help to support these goals and we offer an array of formats and options for getting your message in front of your target audience. Talk to us to discuss formats such as directories, display ads, lead generation, podcasts, article sponsorships, forum posts, partnership integrations and more.

The role of content

Content is king as they say and communications are at the core of your brand. Many hosting businesses make the mistake of being too technical or dry in their copy and content. Determining an appropriate voice and persona, that appeals to customers, is key.

Given how competitive the hosting space is, the above tactics work together in tandem to create a well-rounded, effective marketing plan. Marketing is dynamic, and we are always on the lookout for new channels and strategies. We also know that each and every web host is unique. When you work with eBridge, we will evaluate your particular situation and provide custom recommendations for your organization.

We know the hosting business

eBridge Marketing Solutions has worked with over 200 web hosting companies and ISVs serving the industry since 2001. We understand the market, the competitors and your lingo. Let our team provide you with business growth, marketing strategy and industry grounded advice to take your hosting business to the next level. Wouldn’t you like to work with someone that speaks your language?

“Unparalleled Service”

“ExpertHost has been working with eBridge Marketing Solutions for approximately two years and in that time we have found their service to be unparalleled. They have always been timely in providing us with well-targeted, online advertising channels. eBridge Marketing Solutions is a completely professional outfit that I would recommend to anyone looking for a company that is well versed in Internet marketing.”

Atul Joshi
ExpertHost | www.experthost.com