eBridge President Delivers the Expert View on Marketing at HostingCon 2009

(HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Hartland Ross, founder and president of eBridge Marketing Solutions, will deliver a break-out presentation on Day 1 of HostingCon 2009 on ways hosting companies can make their marketing more effective.

eBridge Offers Free In-Depth Site Review To Attendees At HostingCon 2009

VANCOUVER, BC – eBridge Marketing Solutions, a leading provider of Internet marketing solutions for web advertisers including hosting companies will offer a draw for a free, in-depth site review to those visiting their booth (#231) at HostingCon 2009, to be held this year in Washington DC, August 10 – 12. “Site reviews are an important tool for making sure that the online component of your business is working optimally,” says eBridge founder and president, Hartland…

By: Martina Iring

Web Hosting Interview – eBridge Marketing Solutions

The credit crunch has taken its toll and you finally have to face facts… It’s time to bail. There’s nothing sadder – the years of sacrifice… putting your family on the backburner… long days and working weekends… It is gut wrenching. But if it has to be this way, you owe it to yourself to put the final ounce of effort into ensuring you get the very best return you can for your web hosting…

By: Hartland Ross

Just Develop It and eBridge Marketing Solutions Are Partnering to Bring Intellichat to the Web Hosting Community at HostingCon 2008

VANCOUVER, BC, July 21, 2008 – David Sipes of Intellichat and Hartland Ross of eBridge Marketing Solutions know that Web Hosting companies suffer from a high shopping cart abandonment rates – often abandoned at the very point when the customer is about to pay for the order. “In a brick-and-mortar store, a salesperson could close many of those sales on the spot, simply by making a better deal, overcoming objections, or by providing a little…

eBridge to Exhibit and Participate in Marketing Panel at HostingCon 2008

After sponsoring HostingCon for the past three shows, eBridge Marketing Solutions will have an exhibit in this year’s show. eBridge Marketing Solutions is a leading provider of Internet marketing solutions for web advertisers, publishers including hosting companies. Those solutions include SEO, strategic planning, business brokering, marketing design and development, and more. HostingCon is a cross-platform conference and trade show aimed at hosting company owners, sales, marketing and technical managers and investors. While other hosting conferences…

Internet Marketing Solutions Now Available To Easy CGI Clients

A new partnership agreement between eBridge Marketing Solutions Inc. and Easy CGI, a New York-based hosting company, brings eBridge’s suite of customizable online marketing, publishing and advertising services to Easy CGI’s clients. The partnership, plus eBridge’s long track record of success with Easy CGI assures those clients they will be dealing with an Internet advertising and marketing consultant that meets Easy CGI’s high standards for success and customer service. Vancouver, BC – September 20, 2007…

By: Martina Iring

Hartland Ross of eBridge Marketing talks Web Hosting With Us

Tell us a little about the history of eBridge Marketing Solutions Inc. and how you began focusing on the Web Hosting Industry? We began as Hartland Communications Inc 5.5 years ago and are now rebranded as eBridge Marketing Solutions Inc. We saw an opportunity existed for marketing services aimed at small and medium sized technology companies of which web hosts are of course included however our services are certainly not limited to the hosting industry….