eBridge President Delivers the Expert View on Marketing at HostingCon 2009

(HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Hartland Ross, founder and president of eBridge Marketing Solutions, will deliver a break-out presentation on Day 1 of HostingCon 2009 on ways hosting companies can make their marketing more effective.

The session takes place from 9:00 to 9:45 a.m. on Monday, August 10th. Mr. Ross says the presentation is directed at sales and marketing people from small and medium-sized hosting companies.

“These are people who are always searching for new ideas and could benefit from more sophisticated marketing techniques specific to the hosting industry,” says Mr. Ross. “What I’m presenting will give them an understandable, useful capsule of some critical marketing techniques that they can start using right away. These are the things we help our clients with every day.

The presentation – Step by Step Ways to Increase your Sales and Decrease Costs – will cover such key topics as:

• Defining and reaching your target market
• How to position yourself with respect to your target market and your competition
• How to create a marketing matrix of different media to give your message maximum exposure to the right people
• The importance of tracking results
• Easy, inexpensive ways to build customer loyalty
• Practical tips for decreasing costs and increasing sales

The session will be followed by a Q&A session, and Mr. Ross will arrange to email copies of his presentation, on request, following HostingCon, which runs August 10 – 12 in Washington, DC.

“Mr. Ross is a highly regarded professional in online marketing,” says Kevin Gold, Conference Chair of HostingCon 2009, “I am pleased to have him participate in our marketing track and to share what he knows with our attendees.”

Posted August 7, 2009
Categories: Press