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Google Ads Math for MSPs and Web Hosting

Many MSPs and web hosting companies I talk to are intrigued by Google Ads. But they may have had a bad previous experience that left them feeling like their campaigns weren’t worthwhile — that Google took their money without giving much back. Which begs the question, how do you calculate the ROI of a Google Ads campaign for an IT service provider anyway? The basic math is pretty straightforward: Let’s look at each of these…

By: Devin Rose

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Podcast Advertising for MSPs: Reaching Targeted Audiences in Innovative Ways

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are always seeking new ways to promote their services and reach potential clients. Podcast advertising offers a unique opportunity to connect with highly engaged and targeted audiences, and it’s becoming increasingly popular. In 2020, podcast advertising revenue reached $842 million, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and it’s expected to reach $1.33 billion by 2022. Some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Procter & Gamble, Amazon, and…

By: Devin Rose

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What Conversions Should an MSP Track in Google Analytics?

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), it’s understandable to be skeptical about tracking technology that enables the tracking of web users. After all, your primary concern is protecting your clients’ privacy. However, with 96% of top MSPs using Google Analytics, it’s evident that this tool is beneficial despite valid concerns about Google’s domination of the online ecosystem. Google Analytics aims to strike an appropriate balance between protecting user data while providing valuable marketing information for…

By: Devin Rose

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How to Make the Most of Market Development Funds (MDF) for MSPs

As an MSP, finding ways to promote your business and increase revenue can be a challenge. Fortunately, Market Development Funds (MDF) offer a valuable resource that can help MSPs grow their business and promote technology vendors’ products and services. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of MDF funds, how they work, how MSPs can use them effectively, and the vendors that offer MDF funds. What are MDF funds? Market Development Funds (MDF)…

By: Devin Rose

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5 Influential Marketing Books for Successful B2B Strategies

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any successful B2B strategy, but it can be challenging to navigate. To gain insights and inspiration for B2B marketing, we’ve distilled lessons from five of the most influential marketing books of all time. The five books we’ll be referencing are ‘Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind’ by Al Ries and Jack Trout, ‘Building a StoryBrand’ by Donald Miller, ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ by Robert Cialdini, ‘Contagious: Why Things…

By: Devin Rose

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MSP Marketing Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Most managed service providers (MSPs) don’t consider marketing a priority in the beginning, relying on their network for business instead. There are too many other things to think about, from figuring out which technology to use and which equipment to buy, to looking for a space to rent and people to hire.  But when initial client referrals dry out, the question of marketing suddenly becomes central, even critical.  If you find yourself in a situation…

By: Devin Rose

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What Analytics Say About Your I.T. Website (Infographic)

You may have an entire dashboard of pretty graphs, fancy stats, and heatmaps while gaining little in the way of actual strategic insights. This blog and its accompanying infographic aim to bring order to this unruly chaos with a simple framework.

By: Devin Rose

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Webinar: How to Choose a Marketing Agency for IT Service Providers

Marketing for IT service providers is a different game than any other industry, and choosing the right marketing agency for IT services comes with a unique set of considerations. Watch and learn tips about finding the right marketing agency for your business. WEBINAR TRANSCRIPTION Devin: Alright. Well, we’re going to get started. So, welcome everyone to a webinar brought to you by eBridge Marketing Solutions. And the topic for today’s webinar is How to Choose…

By: Devin Rose

What Should Vendors Know About Marketing to MSPs

Webinar: What Should Vendors Know About Marketing to MSPs?

Vendors wishing to utilize MSPs to market their products or services at scale need to understand the distinct set of challenges they’ll be facing. Join Devin for 5 practical tips you can apply to your channel marketing programs. Webinar Transcription Devin: Okay, well, let’s get started today. So, thanks so much for joining me for the presentation I have for you today called “What should Vendors know about Marketing to MSPs?”. And I must say…

By: Devin Rose

The Humanization of Marketing and Sales at Scale

Webinar: The Humanization of Marketing and Sales at Scale

You’re involved in a very competitive field. And to stay ahead of the pack, you need both the reach that digital marketing provides and the “human touch” that closes sales. Otherwise, conversions from prospect to qualified lead, to paying customer will be bottlenecked somewhere along the line, and your leads will become your competitors’ MRR. Join us for a webinar meant for leaders of IT service providers to understand the trade-offs between humanization and scale,…

By: Devin Rose