The Value of Partnerships Part 3 – Optimize your Offering Through A VAR Relationship

We discussed in our previous posts how your B2B technology business can leverage partnerships to access a partner’s existing customer base and how much easier it is to connect your company and your solution to your target market thanks to the preexisting relationships your partners already have with their clients. This gives the end customer what they want – more solutions from the companies they already like and trust. (see The Value of Partnerships Part 1:…

By: Hartland Ross

The Value of Partnerships Part 2 – Giving Customers What They Want

Partnerships really are a win-win situation. We learned how you, as a B2B technology company, can leverage the existing customer base of your partners to access new markets and prospects quickly in Part 1 of this series on understanding the value of partnerships. Partners themselves benefit from opening new revenue streams. They also benefit in another important way. By diversifying their offering, partners are giving their customers more of what they want, giving themselves more opportunities…

By: Hartland Ross