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Webinar: Lead Generation Part 3 – Landing Pages

eBridge Marketing Solution’s Devin Rose and Jason Park present a webinar about landing page best practices for B2B lead generation campaigns:  Webinar Transcription Devin: So thank you so much everybody for joining us for Outbound Lead Generation Part 3 by The Host Broker and eBridge Marketing Solutions. You might have seen the first two parts, the first of which featured myself and Colin Dowling who’s on our team, and we were talking about outbound…

By: Devin Rose

Lead Generation Part 2

Webinar: Lead Generation Part 2 – ROI For MSPs

What’s the ROI going to be? Every Managed Service Provider wants to know, and every marketer struggles giving a good answer. Watch Devin Rose from eBridge Marketing Solutions and The Host Broker for a discussion of various lead generation tactics and the ROI you might be able to expect.  Watch Webinar Webinar Transcription Devin: Hello, everyone! Thanks so much for joining me today for a presentation entitled Lead Generation ROI for MSPs. My name is…

By: Devin Rose

THB Lead Generation Part 1

Webinar: Lead Generation Part 1 – Outbound Lead Gen

Many readers will be aware that The Host Broker is operated alongside eBridge Marketing Solutions, our marketing arm. eBridge is a digital marketing agency created just for IT Service Providers. Recently eBridge’s Devin Rose and Colin Dowling presented a 30 minute webinar to answer both common and esoteric questions about outbound lead generation for IT Service Providers. Check out the video and transcript below! Watch Webinar Webinar Transcription Please excuse transcription errors. Devin: Thanks everyone…

By: Devin Rose

Outsourcing Marketing Effectively Thumbnail

Outsourcing Marketing Effectively (Webinar)

Recently I was invited to give a presentation about marketing for a lunch and learn for Tandem Innovation Group, which describes themselves as “affiliate firm of Independent Professional CFO’s, Controllers, Project Accountants and Bookkeepers.” Tandem is a network that connects those with a need for fractional accounting with qualified accountants. Keeping with the spirit of working with outside professionals, my presentation entitled ‘Outsourcing Marketing Effectively’ discusses marketing tactics where low-cost can be prioritized, marketing tactics where…

By: Devin Rose

Demand Generation and How To Choose Between Lead-Generation Programs and Display Advertising Campaigns (Part 1)

Part 1: Planning and preparation There are so many ways to grow a business organically through marketing and promotion – it can be overwhelming to parse through all the options and decide which way to go for your business. For this reason, in our last few posts we have been looking at popular internet marketing options and comparing them to each other. In this post I’d like to dive into the strategy of lead generation…

By: Devin Rose

Lead Generation Part 4 – Go It Alone

In previous posts in our series, we discussed various  lead generation strategies – form fills, content syndication and content syndication using webinars and white papers. The question then becomes, should you execute in-house or with the help of a marketing company. Many businesses choose to “go it alone” by leveraging internal resources in the hopes of saving on costs. However when going this route, there are various factors you really need to consider beyond just…

By: Hartland Ross

Lead Generation Part 3 – Webinars and White Papers

In the previous post in our series on lead generation, we discussed using content syndication to generate more leads for your business and important considerations when using this strategy. In this post we will discuss the two most popular types of online content syndication programs for lead generation: white papers and webinars. White Papers White papers, which are generally 8 to 12 pages long, are marketing communication documents that help to promote your product or…

By: Hartland Ross

Lead Generation Part 2 – Content Syndication

In the first post in this series, we discussed using form fills for lead generation. Our second installment is about content syndication, which is a popular B2B internet marketing strategy used to generate leads, and it relies on form fills too. How it works, is B2B websites showcase your assets (case study, white paper, recorded webinar, checklist, etc.) on a form fill page, and the website’s users must then disclose their contact details to access…

By: Hartland Ross

Lead Generation Part 1 – Form Fills

Lead generation is a huge part of business success and plays an important role in many internet marketing plans. All companies need to generate customer interest and inquiries about their products or services. There are many different ways that a business can generate those leads – some of which we will cover in this four part series. In this post, we will start with form fills. What is a form fill? Form fills involve having…

By: Hartland Ross