Channel Marketing Playbook

Having the right tech means nothing without the right channel marketing program in place.

Many B2B technology companies leave the business of marketing their solution in the hands of their resellers. But have you considered…

  • How busy your resellers are?
  • Whether they have a marketing team in place?
  • Whether they have the resources or the time to create promotional materials and communications about your offering?
  • Whether they have the knowledge to understand your product well enough to effectively sell it to their customers?

By developing a solid plan of attack for your partners, you can help to boost your sales and your profit margin, while keeping the hassles to a minimum. Create the playbook and then set your reseller marketing on auto pilot. Leveraging it again and again to coach and support your partners and help them further monetize their customer base.

Who this program is for

If you are a B2B company with technology-based solutions looking for channel partners and resellers, this program is a perfect fit for you. You will take your partner relationships to the next level, creating a win-win scenario for all parties.

Your channel marketing playbook may include…

  • A marketing plan
  • News releases
  • Social media material
  • Articles and blog posts
  • Brochures and fact sheets
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Sales and customer service teams supporting material

Ultimately your success and your bottom line does not depend on how many resellers you have. It depends on how well your resellers promote your product. Don’t leave it up to them – take back control and ensure that your solution is communicated to your target market in the way only you know it should be done.

At eBridge, we’ve been working with B2B technology companies just like yours since 2001. We’ve seen countless clients in the hosting and IT space struggle with their partnerships. Leverage our industry expertise to help your business create a channel marketing playbook that offers your partners the tools they need to succeed.

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“A Success For Us!”

“Since we have started working with eBridge Marketing Solutions on our SEO strategy, we have moved up in the search results to be ranked #1 for one of our keywords and from #69 to #6 for another – both on the first page. A success for us! Hartland and Frank are always accessible and flexible. We are very pleased with our results and look forward to continued improvements.”

Garry Beattie, CMA
HBM Integrated Technology Inc. |