Are You Ready for a Channel Sales Program?

A channel sales program can be a force multiplier for vendors of products and services in the IT space. Access to not only new customers and clients, but to entirely new sectors and industries, can transform even a modest technology organization in meaningful ways. Even better, a channel program can often deliver these new customers and clients with relatively little additional costs or resources needed. Tapping into the sales engines of other companies via a channel program…

By: Colin Dowling

The Value of Partnerships Part 3 – Optimize your Offering Through A VAR Relationship

We discussed in our previous posts how your B2B technology business can leverage partnerships to access a partner’s existing customer base and how much easier it is to connect your company and your solution to your target market thanks to the preexisting relationships your partners already have with their clients. This gives the end customer what they want – more solutions from the companies they already like and trust. To continue reading the 3rd part…

By: Hartland Ross