Recession Marketing

These Are Churning Times — And Not Just Stomach-Churning Ones

Whenever the economy takes a hit, churn rates rise as companies seek ways of paring costs. It’s almost identical to what happens with mobile phone services, as subscribers seek out ever-better deals. The answer to churn, of course, is stickiness – and stickiness is built through customer service. Actually, it’s a little more than that: stickiness, or customer loyalty is built by serving your customers in ways that delight them. So, how much time do…

Posted March 24, 2009

Is There An Upside To This Recession?

Talk to companies in the hosting industry and you’d have to say yes. I deal with hosting companies every day and I’ve heard from only a few that their businesses are in decline. In fact, I most often hear that their businesses keep growing – sometimes with record revenues and profits. One company I deal with has experienced 300% growth over the past year and expects to double the number of its employees over the…

Posted February 5, 2009

The Secrets of Marketing In A Recession

Frankly, there are no secrets. Good marketing works in all kinds of economic circumstances. So, the non-secret to marketing in a recession is this: practice sound marketing, paying particular attention to the rules and techniques of direct response marketing: Start by understanding your market. Who are you already selling to and where can you find more like them? What do you know about them that will help you sell to them? What do they need…

Posted December 24, 2008