eBridge Marketing Solutions Launches a Reseller Marketing Program for B2B Technology Businesses

B2B internet marketing agency eBridge announces the offering of a new reseller marketing playbook to help tech firms achieve greater success with their reseller programs.


Vancouver, BC – December 18, 2012 eBridge Marketing Solutions, a B2B internet marketing agency specializing in online promotion for web hosting and IT industries, announces the launch of a new reseller marketing playbook offering for tech firms. eBridge now provides customized reseller marketing programs to help B2B technology companies more easily recruit and support new channel partners and further leverage their existing reseller relationships. By offering an array of customized, deployment-ready marketing materials to partners, technology businesses can give their resellers the tools they need to better succeed with their sales programs.

Technology companies with reseller programs need to think about how they can support their channel partners to better leverage online marketing strategies to get their customer base on board with these tech solutions. Many resellers are simply too busy or resource strapped to do much more than market their own businesses. By offering them a complete program that they can plug into their current marketing channels, technology companies can not only more successfully recruit new partners with this value-added dimension to their reseller offering, but also enjoy greater success across the board with improved sales and customer interest.

“As an agency that provides internet marketing services to companies that are often the target of reseller programs, such as web hosts and other IT based businesses, eBridge is in a unique position to understand the pain points of precisely the types of partners that B2B technology companies are looking for,” shares eBridge CEO Hartland Ross. “We’ve watched many of our clients struggle to fully maximize their reseller relationships. Conversely, we have also seen the struggles first hand of technology vendors who haven’t been able to recruit  resellers or have them achieve scale. By tapping into our team’s internet marketing expertise and leveraging our industry experience, tech companies can create an automated program that makes execution and ultimately success so much easier for their resellers. It really is a win-win situation.”

The reseller marketing program from eBridge includes a marketing plan, strategies for integration, fact sheets, development of a knowledgebase, and internal and external messaging guides to list a few of the deliverables. Resellers will be armed with a toolkit that they can leverage for blog content, emails, social media posts, website pages and press releases, amongst other specific marketing playbook elements. Messaging is crafted to speak to both the end user and the reseller – an element to communications that is crucial to creating demand but is often missing from partner program information. eBridge will develop a stream-lined, auto-pilot marketing system that can be leveraged again and again to provide an additional value added service to a technology based reseller program.

“With our program, technology companies will be armed and ready to support and coach any of their new partners at the drop of a hat,” says Ross. “You will empower your resellers to create the demand you’re looking for in their customer base while also making sure that your unique value proposition is being properly and clearly communicated. This is where so many technology companies drop the ball. We’re excited to be offering a way to turn that around.”

To find out more about eBridge Marketing Solutions and their array of internet marketing services, please visit www.ebridgemarketingsolutions.com or call 1-604-731-5530.


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eBridge Marketing Solutions, offering B2B internet marketing services  from Vancouver, Canada, has been helping technology companies achieve their online promotion and search marketing goals since 2001. Their award-winning team has built a strong reputation for delivering strategic online campaigns with notable results.

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Posted December 18, 2012
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