Social Media Strategies

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Webinar: The Role of Social Media for IT Service Providers

We are often asked about social media and its applications for IT service providers. While social media is undoubtedly more important for consumer brands, it still plays a valuable albeit limited role for those trying to sell to businesses as well. Join eBridge’s Devin Rose and Jason Park for a discussion about how you can best utilize social media in your marketing mix. Webinar Transcription Devin: Welcome everybody, to a webinar from eBridge Marketing Solutions…

By: Devin Rose

B2B Social Media Decision Tree

Should you contact eBridge Marketing Solutions for social media assistance? We created a decision tree to help you answer that very question.

By: Hartland Ross

Night of the Dresden Dolls

The problem with marketing on social media is that the campaigns that work are viral in nature. And you can’t create a viral campaign. You can only put your campaign out there and hope it is catching. Here’s recent example of a Twitter campaign: On a Friday night not long ago, Amanda Palmer, lead singer of the alternative girl band, Dresden Dolls, was sitting at home, alone, when she idly posted the following tweet (without…

By: Hartland Ross

Social Media Marketing: What’s Your Story?

If businesses consider creating social media or using the methods of social networking, Professor Piskorski’s research suggests that a good social strategy uses what drives online social networks in the first place, that is: “solving social failures in the offline world”. Helping “people fulfill their social needs online” is at the core of all successful social media sites. Social failure doesn’t mean being socially inept in the real world – it means that a forum…

By: Hartland Ross

Background to Marketing on Social Networking Sites

In a recent episode of The Simpsons, teacher Edna Krabappel confiscated her students’  iphones to stop them from texting.  Shakespeare be damned, because the new teacher gave the kids back their iphones and assigned them 20 minutes of Tweets on Twitter for homework.  Such is this social networking world – an animated TV show imitating life. The world seems to be one big social network. It isn’t just Edna’s class who are tweeting – perhaps…

By: Hartland Ross