Press Releases

Six More Savvy Rules for News Releases

1. Frequency. As I mentioned before, make sure your press releases are either newsworthy, or that they tell a good story: Quality always trumps quantity. But that said, try to make sure you issue frequent releases to help keep your name high in the minds of editors. 2. Target your releases. Don’t just send them out to every publication and PR service you can think of. Ask yourself who will find your release relevant and…

By: Hartland Ross

17 Rules for Writing Press Releases

1. Make sure your press release is newsworthy. If it is truly a newsworthy story, editors are much more likely to use it. 2. If you are sending a release about a product or service, write a story about uses and benefits, not a blatant pitch for your business. 3. Write a compelling headline that makes people want to read more. We like to check the headlines we write using the free Headline Analyzer tool at 4….

By: Hartland Ross

How to Cut Marketing Costs with Newsworthy Press Releases

Let’s say you are spending too much on marketing and need to cut costs, or you want greater marketing exposure, but can’t increase your budget. One quick answer is to use the power of press releases to enhance your content marketing. There are four good reasons for using press releases for marketing: 1. Press releases cost much less than other forms of advertising. They may be distributed free, or for a small one-time fee. 2. You…

By: Hartland Ross