Copywriting for Direct Mail – Part 3: Five Motivators

Two posts back I shouted: SELL THE OFFER. What does that mean? The offer is the theme of your communication. Begin with it. Restate it. Denote its key benefits. The actual product or service is largely incidental to your sales pitch. Let’s go back to the weight loss example. Remember, the big gun you fired first was: “Want to lose 20 lbs before Christmas?” At this point you could be selling diet pills, exercise equipment,…

Copywriting for Direct Mail – Part 2: Big Guns

The first rule for writing for direct mail was codified by Herschell Gordon Lewis who said: “Fire your big guns first.” What does that mean? It means get to the point as fast as you can. You have somewhere between one second and 10 seconds to hook your audience, so don’t waste time warming up and don’t waste time talking about yourself. Talk about what your audience wants.

Copywriting for Direct Mail – Part 1: It’s Measurable

Direct mail is a subset of Direct Response Marketing. All forms of direct response, including direct mail give you results you can measure accurately. Image and awareness advertising – which you see so much of on TV – cannot do that. Because direct mail is so measurable, it puts an onus on the copywriter to get it right. Fortunately, expert direct mail writers have tools and techniques that get results. Over the next few posts, I’m going…

Copywriting – Persuade Your Reader with Benefits

When you think of copywriting do you think of those direct mail pieces that arrive in your mail box? Or do you think of the text of a television ad? Or do the words in a radio spot come to mind? If so, you’d be right in all those instances. Yet you’d also have missed some. At its essence, copywriting is persuasive writing.