The Ronald McDonald House of BC and Yukon

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Employees, clients, and friends of eBridge Marketing Solutions recently took part in the ‘Family Meal Program’ at the Ronald McDonald House, and we wanted to tell you a little bit about what a worthwhile and enjoyable experience it was.

There are few greater sources of pride for Vancouverites than our internationally renowned BC Children’s Hospital. We have a world class medical facility to provide care for sick children from throughout British Columbia and the Yukon. Adjacent to BC Children’s Hospital is where the Ronald McDonald House is located. Ronald McDonald House provides hospitality for out-of-town families with a child undergoing care at BC Children’s Hospital. Food, lodging, and entertainment facilities are provided. This unburdens parents from what would otherwise be a significant expenditure and source of financial stress. But more-so, Ronald McDonald House provides a positive and supportive environment for the children undergoing care, siblings, and parents, allowing them to be around peers going through the same unfortunate circumstances.

Our team met bright and early at Ronald McDonald House, our groceries in tow, and prepared a breakfast spread for the residents. Like all facilities at the house, the kitchen was impressive, looking like something straight out of MasterChef. We whisked the pancake batter, scrambled the eggs, toasted the bread, and prepared the various other elements we’d planned. Most of the families showed up at once at the designated time and were served our ‘home cooked’ meal. After the rush, a few more individuals arrived, and we had an opportunity to eat alongside them. Everyone we talked to, including the volunteer liaisons, was so positive and appreciative.

After the meal was finished and we’d cleaned up, we toured the rest of the facilities. Calling it a “house” doesn’t really do it justice. There’s enough capacity for over 70 families to stay at any given time. There’s a video arcade, a workout room, a young kids play area, a teenage hang out room, break areas for parents, a garden, four kitchens, and even a slide from the 2nd floor down into the main foyer. A staff favourite was the LEGO room, where the resident children write their names on the walls like little LEGO hieroglyphics. It’s such a well-polished facility, literally in terms of the cleanliness, but also in terms of how much thought has been put into the design and layout.

To learn more about Ronald McDonald House, please check out their website: There you can find information on how to participate in the Family Meal Program and how to donate as well.

PS. If you happen to have stumbled upon this post and are considering doing the Family Meal Plan yourself, here are a few tips:

  • You should do it.
  • Don’t cook bacon or sausages, because doing so at the required scale becomes very messy.
  • Come with some items that don’t require much preparation, like muffins, fruit salad, granola, and yoghurt.
  • Put someone in charge of cleaning, and clean as you go.
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Posted April 17, 2019
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