Our 7-step ‘eBridge’ process is a proven methodology to help grow IT Service Providers like MSPs, web hosts, data centers, IaaS providers, and vendors:

  1. Engage

    • We engage thoroughly with new clients to understand their businesses and their unique marketing challenges. We are not a one-size-fits-all marketing agency.
  2. Brainstorm

    • We strategize internally and in collaboration with the client to determine their main marketing challenges and potential solutions.
  3. Recommend

    • We make tactical recommendations based on our learnings of your business and our experiences with other IT Service Providers.
  4. Implement

    • We are hands-on with the implementation of approved recommendations using industry-specific best practices.
  5. Deliver

    • We deliver measurable results and top-notch customer service throughout the client relationship.
  6. Grow

    • We seek to help clients grow their businesses and to grow our relationships with clients too by tackling marketing priorities systematically and sequentially.
  7. Exit

    • We help owners of IT Service Providers position their companies to be acquired and assist finding eager buyers through our M&A division at

Whether you need to…

  • outsource all marketing duties to an experienced agency partner because your priorities lie elsewhere
  • get marketing advice, insights and best practices from a third-party partner who has your best interest at heart
  • or obtain help executing on specific tactical marketing activities or programs

…our process is the same. We continually strive to add value to your marketing efforts and your business as a whole.

“Responsive, Involved, Value-Added, Results-Oriented”

“90% of our business and communication is with one industry vertical, a fact not reflected by email volumes in our database. To pursue business through internet channels, we had to either wait, build our own email list or look to a broker. Choosing the faster route of the two proved frustrating. Our initial investigations into sourcing a reliable list were not productive. Few brokers have access to the kind of list we required. eBridge Marketing Solutions had the only brokers to provide a targeted list that addressed our needs, demonstrating an impeccable attention to customer service, our timelines and the requirements of the campaign. Responsive, involved, value-added, results-oriented. These are just a few of the words I would use to describe eBridge Marketing Solutions’ approach.”

James Richardson, Manager, Direct Marketing
Odenza |