Hostingcon and Travel Delays

Many of the Hostingcon sessions have been commented on by various bloggers and unfortunately mine was not one of them.  Due to two flights being cancelled, I had an unexpected overnight stay in an airport hotel in Toronto meaning that I didn’t arrive until 6pm on Monday night – 24 hrs later than planned and 9 hrs late for my presentation.  I had many people mention to me that they were in the room ready for the session and disappointed when they heard it was cancelled.  Firstly I’m sorry to those of you who showed up.  Hostingcon will be sending out copies of the presentations however if you would like a personal overview or clarification of the presentation, I would like to offer you the ability to reach out to me via phone 604 731-5530 or by email – info @ for any questions you have.

As it turns out, the next leg of my travels to Columbus OH also resulted in huge delays and took all day to get from BWI to Columbus due to flight cancellations out of La Guardia (over capacity issues).  I think I might follow this entry up with a side discussion about marketing and the airline industry.   I have a few theories to test and I’m interested to hear your feedback.  I hope the rest of you had better luck than I did.

Posted July 14, 2009
Categories: eBridge Marketing Solutions' Blog, Advertising and Marketing General