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This month we speak to Hartland Ross, the unstoppable force behind eBridge Marketing Solutions (ebridgemarketingsolutions.com), formerly Hartland Communications, an Internet marketing company with strong ties to the web hosting industry. We last spoke to Hartland in April 2005, so we thought it time to catch up with him. We ask what he has been up to and whether Web 2.0 has impacted the way he does things.

HOSTSEARCH: Hartland, excellent of you to take time out like this to talk to us… Perhaps you can kick off by letting people who didn’t catch the first interview a bit about yourself and your company.

HARTLAND ROSS: I could describe what we do and of course you can go to our site however I think that it might be better explained with a typical client’s feedback which might go something like this: “As a CEO of a mid sized web hosting company, my life is much easier now that I can spend my time on what I’m good at and consequently our business has grown in sales while simultaneously lowering our marketing costs. I’m now more efficient since my time is being better spent in other areas.

It wasn’t always the case. I used to spend hours searching the Internet for media channels and waste thousands of dollars testing what turned out to be completely unproductive channels and keywords”.

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Posted November 2, 2007
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