Internet Business Brokering

Web Hosting and Internet Based Business Brokering

Looking to buy a hosting business? Or wanting to sell yours? Make the process easy on yourself with eBridge’s Internet Business Brokering Program. We manage all the details of acquiring or selling an internet-based business, keeping hassles and headaches to a minimum.

Buying a Hosting Business

As marketing costs continue to rise, so does the cost of growing a web hosting business. That’s why acquisition has increasingly become a smart option for businesses seeking growth. Acquiring another hosting company is a great way to grow your client base, expand your resources, and increase your sales, quickly.

Our extensive and carefully curated listings of hosting companies for sale help to match you to the right business and the most up-to-date opportunities available. Leverage our expertise to ensure a smooth and fair process when it comes time for the transaction.

The Process

Buying a web hosting or internet business is an involved process and we’re here to help make things easier on you.  We take the following steps to get started:

  • Gain a full understanding of what kind of business you are looking to buy
  • Discuss the process for buying and review the current opportunities available.
  • Outline the consulting and brokering services we offer and how we can add value to the acquisition process.
  • Have a frank discussion about the current market situation with respect to the type of business, customer base and service offering you are looking to acquire.
  • Review your expectations around price, timing, and your preferences for the seller’s role in the business moving forward, among many other factors.
  • If after the above discussion you are ready to move forward, we will send you an agreement and any relevant NDAs for you to sign and return.
    • Once these items are received, we will provide a package of materials to review for each listing.
    • Further interest in a particular listing is done via a combination of conference calls with the seller and through emailed due diligence requests.

Learn more about buying a web hosting or internet based business here.

Selling a Hosting Business

Alternatively, if you’re looking to sell a hosting business, our confidential consulting services help get your listing in front of the right prospects and ensure you get the quality offers you’re looking for.

The Process

Selling your web hosting or internet business is a streamlined, efficient process with TheHostBroker. We take the following steps, usually via a consultative telephone call, to get the ball rolling:

  • Gain a complete understanding of your business. These in-depth details about your company allow us to best serve your interests and make the best matches possible.
  • Review the process for selling, outlining the consulting and brokering services we provide and how we can add value to the sales process.
  • Have a frank discussion about the current market situation with respect to your business, your customer base and your services.
  • Review your expectations around price and timing. We also go over your preferences for the future – do you still want to play a role in the business or are you looking to exit the industry completely?
  • If after the above discussion you are ready to move forward with our brokerage services, we will send you an agreement and a Q&A based Prospect Summary Form that summarizes your business for prospective buyers to review.

Learn more about selling a web hosting or internet business here.

Whether you are in the market to buy or sell a hosting-related business, let us manage the process for you through our brokering division,

“Genuine and professional”

We needed expertise in a few areas to help us deploy a special project and decided to work with eBridge to supplement our own marketing team. They had resources with the skill sets that we needed and enabled us to execute the campaign without bringing on full time headcount, assisting us with online display, Google AdWords and retargeting. eBridge not only delivers results and metrics, but they back these up with easy-to-read reports with charts, explanations and recommendations. This allows us to quickly assimilate the data and make decisions. They’re genuine, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Elisabeth Kurek, Marketing Director
Verio, Inc.