Google Analytics Implementation

How do people get to your site? What information do they find the most useful? How many of them take the action you want them to?

If you don’t have the slightest clue, it’s time to put Google Analytics to work for you. Implementing Google Analytics properly is key to putting you in a position to answer those pressing website questions at the drop of a hat. Even though it’s a free program that many businesses already have running, benefitting from it and leveraging it fully to meet your goals is another story.

Are you struggling with…

Data overwhelm? To make informed decisions from your site analytics, you need real clarity on the data. Easier said than done. You could easily spend all day sifting through the numbers, but the challenge is figuring out what metrics to focus on and what they actually demonstrate.  It’s one thing to know what your conversion rate is. Quite another to know whether it’s any good.

Report disorientation? While you can set up and run all kinds of reports in Analytics, structuring the best reports for your business can be confusing, especially if you’re unsure what to look for or what is important to measure.

Conversion confusion? To properly implement conversion tracking can be tricky, and with so many different factors at play, is not necessarily as straightforward as it might seem on the surface. There are so many different dimensions that can be taken into consideration to get an accurate understanding of conversion rates.

Google Analytics can offer your business a plethora of insights when used properly. Stop guessing at what visitors want and what they need. Know it with real data that allows you to make actionable decisions to solve your business problems.

If you lack the internal resources to fully benefit from the power of Google Analytics, let eBridge step in to lend a hand. Our Google Analytics consultant can assist you to…

  • Insert the tracking codes onto your website pages and ensure that all data is being accurately tracked.
  • Set up goals to allow you to easily track conversion rates for the actions that are most important on your website.
  • Gain an understanding of the data that is important and how you can take these numbers and learn from them to make impactful changes to your site, the user experience and your digital marketing efforts.
  • Structure reports that make sense to your business and give you valid information to make choices based on facts.
  • Create special tracking links for any activity you have happening off-site, such as keeping tabs on traffic from your online ads or from the last press release you sent out.

Our Process

At eBridge, we understand that having visitor and conversion data can help you make better informed decisions for your business. Here is the process our Google Analytics consult will go through to get things properly implemented on your website.

Determine your current tracking solutions

We first determine what tool is being used, if any, and evaluate its effectiveness against the metrics you wish to monitor. We will then determine if Google Analytics might be a better alternative or perhaps could be used as another tool to further verify results.

Decide what to measure

We talk about what type of stats and KPIs you are looking to focus on and what exactly you want to track.  Whether your needs are pretty simple, or considerably more advanced, Google Analytics can typically handle it.

How to implement

We go through your website and ordering system to determine how best to implement Google Analytics.

Implementation and tracking

We implement Google Analytics tracking based on your needs and verify it is functioning and gathering data properly.

Continued tracking optimization improvements and reporting

What you do with the data you receive from Google Analytics is what is most important. We offer more advanced reporting and customized reports that can help closely track specific interactions, marketing campaigns, social media efforts, and much more.

Want more information?

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Don’t leave yourself in the dark as to how visitors find you, how they use your site and how enticing they find your offerings. Illuminate your website knowledge with Google Analytics implementation from eBridge.

“You Did it!!!”

“I am a small business owner and my business depends mostly on internet inquiries and sales. My placement on the major search engines is very critical to my success. Earlier this year, my ISP had a failure and my site went down a number of times, because of this, the top search engine took me from page 2 , all the way to page 26 and they did not even acknowledge my home page, only my secondary pages and no back links. I sought help and was referred to e B ridge marketing Solutions by a business associate. eBridge was professional and had a wonderful grasp of my situation. They went to work right away and within about 10 days they had my web site up in the page 7 range and on page 4 within a few days after that. They truly understood the importance of this to my business success and reacted accordingly. I would highly recommend them to any business that is looking for search engine optimization or just some general professional advice on how to enhance their existing web site.”

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