Digital Advertising

While online media is a proven digital marketing tactic, our experience has confirmed what you already know – not all online campaigns are successful and running a profitable campaign can be a challenge.

Perhaps some of this sounds familiar…

You’re overwhelmed by the options: There’s an abundance of display options including programmatic opportunities, numerous networks, a myriad of paid social options and  new opportunities cropping up all the time. Most of them more-or-less put forward the same claims and benefits. It’s hard to know which opportunities to start with and how to evaluate them. You can waste a lot of money testing campaigns that don’t offer an ROI.

There’s just not enough time in the day: You are very busy, and it can be time-consuming gathering and evaluating the required due diligence. Online campaigns require careful administration and management and that requires a time commitment you may not be able to make.

You’re missing the know-how: Decisions need to be made related to which tactics to implement and you may not have the background to be able to evaluate the various options. Should you choose search over paid social for example, or how do you know whether ABM is appropriate relative to content syndication or other demand generation options? How does tele-prospecting fit in?. Without a deep understanding of the benefits and considerations  of the various options and a calculated strategy, you can’t be sure you’re maximizing your budget.

Tired of wasting money on ineffective online media? Lack the in-house resources to effectively manage campaigns?

Get a customized digital marketing campaign working for you from a team with years of experience in the online media landscape. Leverage our contacts, our relationships and our strong reputation to fuel the success of your campaigns. Let us bring an outside perspective and a solid dose of expertise to your digital media and advertising efforts.

Ad Campaign Implementation

With our campaign management services, we provide everything you need to achieve success, including researching the various options, compiling the best options for your business, and comparing proposals while providing you with one, efficient HUMAN point of contact – no automated management.

With our experienced team launching your campaign, you’ll save money typically spent on tedious trial and error processes and administration. Plus, we can access valuable resources, discounts, and demos for you that aren’t publicly available.

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If you don’t have the time, the dedicated resources, or the in-house expertise to manage your online marketing campaigns, let us do it for you. Our experienced campaign management team is ready to help you reach your goals.

“Insight and Understanding”

“As valued associates, eBridge Marketing Solutions provides us with marketing and online advertising opportunities that we incorporate with our own strategies and present to our clients. Although we have been associated with them for less than six months, we have found that their contributions to our efforts only escalate in value.

Their insight, sagacity and complete understanding of the online marketing and interactive mediums have been an asset which has been directly responsible for our being able to attract new clientele as well as retain ongoing clients by injecting new, creative and effective concepts. Their attention to detail and follow through on every project we’ve collaborated on is again a testament to their professional acumen.”

Warren Lanier Jr. , National Key Accounts Manager
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