VAR Marketing – Digital Marketing Strategies for Value Add Resellers

If you are a value added reseller, you face unique challenges. As a VAR, you are most likely familiar with some (if not all) of the below…

  • It’s hard to stand out. In a fiercely competitive market, you know that you must differentiate yourself as a reseller, communicating effectively the value-add your organization brings to the market. Your offerings and your business must be seen as distinctive.
  • Geographic focus. Your organization may service specific areas making geography and territorial issues an important consideration. You need your strategies and tactics to support these constraints.
  • In-house resources. Many reseller businesses simply don’t have the internal marketing resources to fully manage all aspects of promotion. This makes it challenging to cover marketing in a comprehensive and consistent way.

Digital marketing strategies for VARs

As a reseller, especially when you are in the technology space, customers expect a certain degree of online competence and an experience that supports their requirements. It all starts with your website. If it’s outdated or poorly designed, what is it telling potential customers? A website should be designed with current technologies, standards and practices and should utilize a UX and UI that makes it easier for your customer to accomplish both their goals and yours. A website audit can shed light on where your site may be falling short.

Reporting and tracking

Carefully monitoring your traffic to gain a deep understanding of how your traffic is interacting with your site and why users are doing what they are is crucial to providing the insight needed to adjust your strategy and course correct. Many businesses leverage Google Analytics to collect the valuable data that can support these decisions.

Visibility in search results

Search marketing (SEM) is becoming increasingly competitive in all industries but it still remains a crucial tactic for potential customers to find you online when searching for your service. You must identify how users characterize the problems you solve and hone in on those terms and challenges. Aligning search intent with relevant solutions is the key to unlocking quality search traffic.

Getting social

Your customers are active on social media and they expect to find you there as well. Keeping dynamic profiles with a focus on interaction, education, support and engagement, works to build credibility in the eyes of your customer base.

The role of content

Content and communications are at the core of any brand. Determining an appropriate and engaging voice and persona that appeals to customers, is at the cornerstone of effective copywriting.

The above tactics work together to create an effective, comprehensive marketing plan.  As online marketing is in constant flux, our team is always on the lookout for new channels and strategic options. We also know that each and every VAR is unique. When you work with eBridge, we will evaluate your particular situation and provide customized recommendations for your business.

We know the reseller business

eBridge Marketing Solutions has worked with over 250 technology companies serving the industry since 2001. We understand the market you are operating in and the competitive environment you face. Let us provide you with marketing strategy and business growth advice grounded in industry knowledge to take your reseller business to the next level.

“Responsive and Professional”

“We have been working with eBridge Marketing Solutions for 5 years and by far they are the most responsive and professional group we have had the pleasure to do business with. Our dealings with them have been mainly for internet marketing campaigns. These campaigns are high converting, cost effective and send us large volumes of quality and targeted traffic. Anytime we require changes made on our campaigns, the team there gets them done immediately and exactly as we requested. They also have a wonderful copywriter who can turn some simple text we send across into marketing magic!

When eBridge sets up a new campaign for us, we know that the resulting sales are genuine, and the traffic is valuable. We love working with Hartland and Rob because we have the peace of mind knowing we are running a genuine campaign that exceeds our expectations.”

Amy Armitage, Sales & Marketing
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