Web Hosting Interview

This month we speak to Hartland Ross, the unstoppable force behind eBridge Marketing Solutions (ebridgemarketingsolutions.com), formerly Hartland Communications, an Internet marketing company with strong ties to the web hosting industry. We last spoke to Hartland in April 2005, so we thought it time to catch up with him. We ask what he has been up to and whether Web 2.0 has impacted the way he does things. HOSTSEARCH: Hartland, excellent of you to take time…

Posted November 2, 2007

How Many Eggs Should Be In Each Basket?

This week I would like to begin to address a question I get asked quite frequently – how much money should I spend on marketing and how should this be allocated between competing tactics?  The first thing I always say is to never put all your eggs in one basket.  Marketing is an art but yet there is very much of a scientific element that comes into play when analyzing the data (this assumes you…

Posted September 26, 2007

Internet Marketing Solutions Now Available To Easy CGI Clients

A new partnership agreement between eBridge Marketing Solutions Inc. and Easy CGI, a New York-based hosting company, brings eBridge’s suite of customizable online marketing, publishing and advertising services to Easy CGI’s clients. The partnership, plus eBridge’s long track record of success with Easy CGI assures those clients they will be dealing with an Internet advertising and marketing consultant that meets Easy CGI’s high standards for success and customer service. Vancouver, BC – September 20, 2007…

Posted September 9, 2007
By: Martina Iring

Hartland Ross of eBridge Marketing talks Web Hosting With Us

Tell us a little about the history of eBridge Marketing Solutions Inc. and how you began focusing on the Web Hosting Industry? We began as Hartland Communications Inc 5.5 years ago and are now rebranded as eBridge Marketing Solutions Inc. We saw an opportunity existed for marketing services aimed at small and medium sized technology companies of which web hosts are of course included however our services are certainly not limited to the hosting industry….

Posted March 13, 2007